Earth Surface Processes and Landforms

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Edited By: Professor S. N. Lane

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Remote Sensing of Rivers - Virtual Special Issue, May 2011

Remote Sensing of Rivers

Guest Editors: W. Andrew Marcus and Mark A. Fonstad

Remote sensing of rivers is rapidly emerging as a new subdiscipline in the river sciences, and has grown at a rapid rate in recent years because of: (a) the growing desire and need for data to document and explore the full range of spatial and temporal variations in river systems; (b) evolving technologies that enable lower cost data acquisition, processing and analysis at reach to catchment to continental scales; and (c) the increasing engagement of river scientists with GIScience. The convergence of these factors and the ever growing number of practitioners speaks to the need for more communication among researchers, a major reason for creating this special issue. The 12 articles presented here cover a broad spectrum of applications that use a variety of platforms and sensors, ranging from photogrammetric mapping of riffle-pool morphology beneath forest canopy using a camera mounted on a hand held pole to satellite-based synthetic radar mapping of subcontinental scale hydrology of large rivers.

Rivers: the emergence of a subdiscipline in the river sciences
W. Andrew Marcus, Mark A. Fonstad

Spectrally based remote sensing of river bathymetry
Carl J. Legleiter, Dar A. Roberts, Rick L. Lawrence

Quantification of braided river channel change using archival digital image analysis
S. N. Lane, P. E. Widdison, R. E. Thomas, P. J. Ashworth, J. L. Best, I. A. Lunt, G. H. Sambrook Smith, C. J. Simpson

Photogrammetric monitoring of small streams under a riparian forest canopy
Stephen Bird, Dan Hogan, James Schwab

Aerial photosieving of exposed gravel bars for the rapid calibration of airborne grain size maps
Stephen J. Dugdale, Patrice E. Carbonneau, David Campbell

Quantifying the temporal dynamics of wood in large rivers: field trials of wood surveying, dating, tracking,and monitoring techniques
B.J. MacVicar, H. Piégay, A. Henderson, F. Comiti, C. Oberlin, E. Pecorari

Remote sensing analysis of physical complexity of North Pacific Rim rivers to assist wild salmon conservation
Matthew Luck, Niels Maumenee, Diane Whited, John Lucotch, Samantha Chilcote, Mark Lorang, Daniel Goodman, Kyle McDonald, John Kimball,Jack Stanford

Remote sensing of volumetric storage changes in lakes
Laurence C. Smith, Tamlin M. Pavelsky

Water surface mapping from airborne laser scanning using signal intensity and elevation data
Bernhard Höfle, Michael Vetter, Norbert Pfeifer, Gottfried Mandlburger, Johann Stötter

Comparison of LiDAR waveform processing methods for very shallow water bathymetry using Raman, near-infrared and green signals
ristan Allouis, Jean-Stéphane Bailly, Yves Pastol, Catherine Le Roux

Geostatistical estimations of bathymetric LiDAR errors on rivers
Jean-Stéphane Bailly, Yann Le Coarer, Pascal Languille, Carl-Johann Stigermark, Tristan Allouis

Characterization of complex fluvial systems using remote sensing of spatial and temporal water level variations in the Amazon, Congo, and Brahmaputra Rivers
Hahn Chul Jung, James Hamski, Michael Durand, Doug Alsdorf, Faisal Hossain, Hyongki Lee, A. K. M. Azad Hossain, Khaled Hasan, Abu Saleh Khan, A.K.M. Zeaul Hoque