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River Meander Dynamics - Virtual Special Issue, July 2011

River Meander Dynamics

Guest Editors: J. M. Hooke, E. Gautier and G. Zolezzi

This Virtual Special Issues features a selection of the best of the papers arising from the Symposium on River Meander Dynamics held at the European Geosciences Union (EGU) Congress in 2008. The aim of the Symposium was to bring together researchers working on river meandering, particularly those taking different approaches, including those of the large and burgeoning modelling community as well as those more traditionally empirically-based.

River meander dynamics: developments in modelling and empirical analyses
J. M. Hooke, E. Gautier and G. Zolezzi

Physical explanations of variations in river meander migration rates from model comparison
A. Crosato

Long-term river meandering as a part of chaotic dynamics? A contribution from mathematical modelling
A. Frascati and S. Lanzoni

Nonlinearity and unsteadiness in river meandering: a review of progress in theory and modelling
M. Bolla Pittaluga and G. Seminara

A new framework for modelling the migration of meandering rivers
G. Parker, Y. Shimizu, G. V. Wilkerson, E. C. Eke, J. D. Abad, J. W. Lauer, C. Paola, W. E. Dietrich and V. R. Voller

Modelling mid-channel bars in meandering channels
R. Luchi, G. Zolezzi and M. Tubino

Experimental analysis of cross-sectional flow motion in a large amplitude meandering bend
D. Termini and M. Piraino

Channel and floodplain sediment dynamics in a reach of the tropical meandering Rio Beni (Bolivian Amazonia)
E. Gautier, D. Brunstein, P. Vauchel, J-M. Jouanneau, M. Roulet, C. Garcia, J-L. Guyot and M. Castro

Rates, distributions and mechanisms of change in meander morphology over decadal timescales, River Dane, UK
J. M. Hooke and L. Yorke

Lateral erosion of the Sacramento River, California (1942–1999), and responses of channel and floodplain lake to human influences
M. Michalková, H. Piégay, G.M. Kondolf and S. E. Greco

Spatial and temporal controls on historical channel responses – study of an atypical case: Someşu Mic River, Romania
Ioana Perşoiu and Maria Rădoane