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Editor's Choice

2015 Editor's Choice Collection

The articles below have been specially selected by our editors to highlight to the JCN community. This list is updated monthly so be sure to check back often to access the latest Editor's Choice selections!

Childhood and adolescent obesity and long-term cognitive consequences during aging
Jun Wang, Daniel Freire, Lindsay Knable, Wei Zhao, Bing Gong, Paolo Mazzola, Lap Ho, Samara Levine, and Giulio M Pasinetti

Development of MRI-based atlases of non-human brains
Jeremy FP Ullmann, Andrew L Janke, David Reutens, and Charles Watson

Digital in vivo 3D atlas of the antennal lobe of Drosophila melanogaster
Veit Grabe, Antonia Strutz, Amelie Baschwitz, Bill S Hansson, and Silke Sachse

A comparative examination of neural circuit and brain patterning between the lamprey and amphioxus reveals the evolutionary origin of the vertebrate visual center
Daichi G Suzuki, Yasunori Murakami, Hector Escriva, and Hiroshi Wada

Efferent Pathways of the Mouse Lateral Habenula
Lely A. Quina, Lynne Tempest, Lydia Ng, Julie A. Harris, Susan Ferguson, Thomas C. Jhou and Eric E. Turner

Cadherin-8 expression, synaptic localization, and molecular control of neuronal form in prefrontal corticostriatal circuits
Lauren G. Friedman, Fréderike W. Riemslagh, Josefa M. Sullivan, Roxana Mesias, Frances M. Williams, George W. Huntley and Deanna L. Benson

Organotopic organization of the primary Infrared Sensitive Nucleus (LTTD) in the western diamondback rattlesnake (Crotalus atrox)
Tobias Kohl, Maximilian S. Bothe, Harald Luksch, Hans Straka and Guido Westhoff

Dynamics of nascent and active zone ultrastructure as synapses enlarge during long-term potentiation in mature hippocampus
Maria Elizabeth Bell, Jennifer N. Bourne, Michael A. Chirillo, John M. Mendenhall, Masaaki Kuwajima and Kristen M. Harris

Evolutionarily conserved organization of the dopaminergic system in lamprey: SNc/VTA afferent and efferent connectivity and D2 receptor expression
Juan Pérez-Fernández, Marcus Stephenson-Jones, Shreyas M. Suryanarayana, Brita Robertson and Sten Grillner

Topographic specializations in the retinal ganglion cell layer correlate with lateralized visual behavior, ecology, and evolution in cockatoos
João Paulo Coimbra, Shaun P. Collin and Nathan S. Hart

Retinofugal projections in the mouse
P. Morin Lawrence and Keith M. Studholme

Patterns of afferent input to the caudal and rostral areas of the dorsal premotor cortex (6DC and 6DR) in the marmoset monkey
Kathleen J. Burman, Sophia Bakola, Karyn E. Richardson, David H. Reser and Marcello G.P. Rosa

2014 Editor's Choice Collection

The articles below have been specially selected by our editors to highlight to the JCN community. This list is updated monthly so be sure to check back often to access the latest Editor's Choice selections!

Cortical innervation of the hypoglossal nucleus in the non-human primate (Macaca mulatta)
Robert J. Morecraft, Kimberly S. Stilwell-Morecraft, Kathryn M. Solon-Cline, Jizhi Ge and Warren G. Darling

Inversion of layer-specific cadherin expression profiles and maintenance of cytoarchitectonic areas in the allocortex of the reeler mutant mouse
Gudrun Stoya, Christoph Redies and Nicole Schmid-Hertel

BAMS2 workspace: A comprehensive and versatile neuroinformatic platform for collating and processing neuroanatomical connections
Mihail Bota, Ştefan Talpalaru, Houri Hintiryan, Hong-Wei Dong and Larry W. Swanson

Human induced pluripotent stem cells are a novel source of neural progenitor cells (iNPCs) that migrate and integrate in the rodent spinal cord
Dhruv Sareen, Geneviève Gowing, Anais Sahabian, Kevin Staggenborg, Renée Paradis, Pablo Avalos, Jessica Latter, Loren Ornelas, Leslie Garcia and Clive N. Svendsen

Spine morphogenesis in newborn granule cells is differentially regulated in the outer and middle molecular layers
DChunmei Zhao, Jessica Jou, Lisa J. Wolff, Huaiyu Sun and Fred H. Gage

A unique ion channel clustering domain on the axon initial segment of mammalian neurons
Anna N. King, Colleen F. Manning and James S. Trimmer

A hindbrain segmental scaffold specifying neuronal location in the adult goldfish, Carassius auratus
E. Gilland, H. Straka, T.W. Wong, R. Baker and S.J. Zottoli

Early fear memory defects are associated with altered synaptic plasticity and molecular architecture in the TgCRND8 Alzheimer's disease mouse model
John W. Steele, Hannah Brautigam, Jennifer A. Short, Allison Sowa, Mengxi Shi, Aniruddha Yadav, Christina M. Weaver, David Westaway, Paul E. Fraser, Peter H. St George-Hyslop, Sam Gandy, Patrick R. Hof and Dara L. Dickstein

Systematic comparison of adeno-associated virus and biotinylated dextran amine reveals equivalent sensitivity between tracers and novel projection targets in the mouse brain
Quanxin Wang, Alex M. Henry, Julie A. Harris, Seung Wook Oh, Kevin M. Joines, Julie Nyhus, Karla E. Hirokawa, Nick Dee, Marty Mortrud, Sheana Parry, Benjamin Ouellette, Shiella Caldejon, Amy Bernard, Allan R. Jones, Hongkui Zeng andJohn G. Hohmann

Scaling the primate lateral geniculate nucleus: Niche and neurodevelopment in the regulation of magnocellular and parvocellular cell number and nucleus volume
Barbara L. Finlay, Christine J. Charvet, Isle Bastille, Desmond T. Cheung, José Augusto P.C. Muniz and Luiz Carlos de Lima Silveira

Longitudinal in vivo two-photon fluorescence imaging
Sarah E. Crowe andGraham C.R. Ellis-Davies

Subdivisions and connectional networks of the lateral prefrontal cortex in the macaque monkey
Kadharbatcha S. Saleem, Brad Miller and Joseph L. Price

Early postnatal expression and localization of matrix metalloproteinases-2 and -9 during establishment of rat hippocampal synaptic circuitry
Paven K. Aujla and George W. Huntley

Electron tomography on γ-aminobutyric acid-ergic synapses reveals a discontinuous postsynaptic network of filaments
Alexander E. Linsalata, Xiaobing Chen, Christine A. Winters and Thomas S. Reese