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These are the 10 most accessed articles in 2013 published in The Journal of Pathology. The data come from Wiley Online Library usage statistics of downloads of both PDF and HTML versions of the articles.

miR-29a inhibition normalizes HuR over-expression and aberrant AU-rich mRNA stability in invasive cancer
Wijdan Al-Ahmadi, Maha Al-Ghamdi, Norah Al-Souhibani, Khalid SA Khabar

Hanging in the balance: endogenous anti-inflammatory mechanisms in tissue repair and fibrosis
Amiram Ariel, Orly Timor

Cellular and molecular mechanisms of fibrosis
TA Wynn

Harnessing monocyte-derived macrophages to control central nervous system pathologies: no longer ‘if’ but ‘how’
Ravid Shechter, Michal Schwartz

Cancer stem cells: problems for therapy?
Malcolm R Alison, Susan ML Lim, Linda J Nicholson

Macrophage plasticity and polarization in tissue repair and remodelling
Alberto Mantovani, Subhra K Biswas, Maria Rosaria Galdiero, Antonio Sica, Massimo Locati

Inflammation, wound repair, and fibrosis: reassessing the spectrum of tissue injury and resolution
Eric S White, Alberto R Mantovani

Non-coding RNAs: regulators of disease
Ryan J Taft, Ken C Pang, Timothy R Mercer, Marcel Dinger, John S Mattick

Human papillomavirus is a necessary cause of invasive cervical cancer worldwide
Jan M. M. Walboomers, Marcel V. Jacobs, M. Michele Manos, F. Xavier Bosch, J. Alain Kummer, Keerti V. Shah, Peter J. F. Snijders, Julian Peto, Chris J. L. M. Meijer, Nubia MuÑoz

Influence of age on wound healing and fibrosis
Maria G Kapetanaki, Ana L Mora, Mauricio Rojas