Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture

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Edited By: Mark Shepherd and Andrew Waterhouse

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Online ISSN: 1097-0010

Associated Title(s): Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining, Chemistry & Industry, Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology, Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, Pest Management Science, Polymer International


The Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture publishes peer-reviewed original research, reviews, mini-reviews, perspectives and spotlights in these areas, with particular emphasis on interdisciplinary studies at the agriculture/ food interface.

Published for SCI by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

SCI (Society of Chemical Industry) is a unique international forum where science meets business on independent, impartial ground. Anyone can join and current Members include consumers, business people, environmentalists, industrialists, farmers, and researchers. The Society offers a chance to share information between sectors as diverse as food and agriculture, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, materials, chemicals, environmental science and safety. As well as organising educational events, SCI awards a number of prestigious honours and scholarships each year, publishes peer-reviewed journals, and provides Members with news from their sectors in the respected twice-monthly magazine, Chemistry & Industry .

Originally established in London in 1881 and in New York in 1894, SCI is a registered charity with Members in over 70 countries.

Aims and Scope

This international journal covers fundamental and applied research, including:

  • Food - Health and Nutrition: Human and animal nutrition. Enhancing health and wellness with novel and functional foods, nutraceuticals (but not pharmaceuticals) or food supplementation. Evaluation, including chemical tests, animal models and in vitro, in vivo testing systems.

  • Food Science and Technology: Development, production and processing of human food, animal food, and beverages. Measurement of food and ingredient characteristics and functionalities. Papers reporting simply antioxidant activity and those reporting the composition of foods that are not widely eaten outside a small geographical area will not generally be considered for publication.

  • Food Safety: Microbiological food safety, including on-farm safety management, epidemiology of food-borne illness, novel process and packaging, and detection of food-borne pathogens. Food toxicology and safety evaluation of genetically modified organisms. Application of risk assessment and risk management techniques.

  • Biotechnology: Applications of biotechnology to plants, animals and microorganisms as they relate to agriculture, food production and processing, and fermentation technology.

  • Molecular Biology: Applications of genetic modification and molecular biology, bioinformatics and ‘omics’ technology to plants, animals and microorganisms as they relate to agriculture, food production and processing, and fermentation technology.

  • Biochemistry: Novel insights into the chemistry and biochemistry of foods, feeds, ingredients and components, including macro-, micro- and non-nutrients, and also enzymes and other processing aids and functional ingredients. Research that addresses current issues within the agri-food area, for example functional foods in relation to health claims and safety.

  • Materials and Processing: Food raw materials and quality. Food structure and physical properties. Physical description of processing and product properties of raw materials. Food process engineering.

  • Sensory and Consumer Sciences: Perception and evaluation of characteristics of foods and beverages including flavor, appearance and texture. Consumer behavior issues, including acceptability, preference and other factors related to cultural cues and product image.

  • Agriculture - Production: Plant and animal husbandry including precision agriculture and aquaculture and mariculture. Impact of scientific and technological developments on yields and quality.

  • Agriculture - Utilization: Plants, plant products, animals, animal products, fish and marine products as human food or animal feed. Industrial applications for plants, plant products, animal products and marine products.

  • Agriculture - Environment: The interaction of agriculture and environment, including safety and sustainability of agricultural practices; protection of natural resources (quality of air, water and soil); mitigation of environmental effects through improved farming methods; assessment of organic farming and alternative production systems; management of nutrients, pathogens or other potential contaminants; impacts and mitigation of climate change.

  • Biomass and Bioenergy: Biomass production and utilization, feedstocks, biodegradation methodologies, potential products.

Many studies are likely to overlap several subject areas. Manuscripts will be allocated to the editor whose primary interests are appropriate to the main subject of the paper.


Agronomists · Food Scientists · Agricultural Scientists · Biologists · Organic Chemists · Environmental Scientists


agriculture, food, feed, nutrition, husbandry, fermentation, processing, toxicity, flavour, physiology, forestry, environment, journal, online journal, Wiley Online Library

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