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Glover-Klingman Prize

Glover-Klingman Prize

The Glover-Klingman Prize is awarded each year to an individual or a group for the best paper published in Networks. Each co-author of the winning paper receives a certificate and a cash award.

Fred Glover and Darwin Klingman (1944-1989) published more than 100 articles on the innovative implementation of network optimization algorithms. Their goal was to reduce computation time and memory requirements, thereby enabling solution of the larger, more realistic problems that confronted and continue to confront practitioners. In their joint work, they developed special list structures, labeling techniques, and clever hybrid algorithms and they successfully applied these ideas to a variety of network optimization problems.

The Glover-Klingman Prize pays tribute to the high quality of their work at the interface of operations research and computer science. The prize, however, is for outstanding work in the general area of network modeling, analysis, and implementation, and is not limited to papers at the OR/CS interface.

The Editors-in-Chief, with assistance from members of the Editorial Board of Networks, select the winners of this annual award.

Award Winners:

Nikola Marković, Ilya O. Ryzhov and Paul Schonfeld, for their paper:
Evasive flow capture: Optimal location of weigh-in-motion systems, tollbooths, and security checkpoints, Vol 65, Issue 1

Kelly M. Sullivan and J. Cole Smith, for their paper:
Exact algorithms for solving a Euclidean maximum flow network interdiction problem, Vol 64, Issue 2

Agostinho Agra, Henrik Andersson, Marielle Christiansen and Laurence Wolsey, for their paper:
A maritime Inventory routing problem: Discrete time formulations and valid inequalities, Vol 62, Issue 4

Giacomo Nannicini, Daniel Delling, Dominik Schultes, Leo Liberti for their paper:
Bidirectional A* search on time-dependent road networks, Vol 59, Issue 2

Gabrio Caimi, Martin Fuchsberger, Marco Laumanns, Kaspar Schüpbach for their paper:
Periodic Railway Timetabling with Event Flexibility, Volume 57, Issue 1

Patrick Jaillet and Michael R. Wagner for their paper:
Almost Sure Asymptotic Optimality for Online Routing and Machine Scheduling Problems,Volume 55, Issue 1

Harold N. Gabow, Michel X. Goemans, Éva Tardos, and David P. Williamson for their paper:
Approximating the Smallest k -Edge Connected Spanning Subgraph by LP-Rounding, Volume 53, Issue 4

Asaf Levin, Daniel Paulusma and Gerhard Woeginger for their pair of papers:
The Computational Complexity of Graph Contractions I : Polynomially solvable and NP-complete cases, Volume 51, Issue 3
The Computational Complexity of Graph Contractions II: Two tough polynomially solvable cases, Volume 52, Issue 1

Walid Ben-Ameur and José Neto for their paper:
Acceleration of Cutting-Plane and Column Generation Algorithms: Applications to Network Design, Volume 49, Issue 1

Andreas S. Schulz and Nicolás E. Stier-Moses for their paper:
Efficiency and Fairness of System-Optimal Routing with User Constraints, Volume 48, Issue 4

Thomas L. Magnanti and S. Raghavan for their paper:
Strong Formulations for Network Design Problems with Connectivity Requirements, Volume 45, Issue 2

Martine Labbé, Gilbert Laporte, Inmaculada Rodríguez Martín, and Juan José Salazar González for their paper:
The Ring Star Problem: Polyhedral Analysis and Exact Algorithm, Volume 43, Issue 3

Irina Dumitrescu and Natashia Boland for their paper:
Improved Preprocessing, Labeling and Scaling Algorithms for the Weight-Constrained Shortest Path Problem, Volume 42, Issue 3