Journal of Graph Theory

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Editors-in-Chief: Paul Seymour and Carsten Thomassen

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Vizing's conjecture: a survey and recent results
Author(s): Bresar, Bostjan; Dorbec, Paul; Goddard, Wayne; et al.
Volume: 69 Issue: 1

Rainbow connection number and connected dominating sets
Author(s): Chandran, L. Sunil; Das, Anita; Rajendraprasad, Deepak; et al.
Volume: 71 Issue: 2

Minimal Obstructions for 1-Immersions and Hardness of 1-Planarity Testing
Author(s): Korzhik, Vladimir P.; Mohar, Bojan
Volume: 72 Issue: 1

On Meyniel's conjecture of the cop number
Author(s): Lu, Linyuan; Peng, Xing
Volume: 71 Issue: 2

A Planar linear arboricity conjecture
Author(s): Cygan, Marek; Hou, Jian-Feng; Kowalik, Lukasz; et al.
Volume: 69 Issue: 4

Locally s-distance transitive graphs
Author(s): Devillers, Alice; Giudici, Michael; Li, Cai Heng; et al.
Volume: 69 Issue: 2

Acyclic edge coloring of 2-degenerate graphs
Author(s): Basavaraju, Manu; Chandran, L. Sunil
Volume: 69 Issue: 1

The Number of Subtrees of Trees with Given Degree Sequence
Author(s): Zhang, Xiu-Mei; Zhang, Xiao-Dong; Gray, Daniel; et al.
Volume: 73 Issue: 3

New Ore-Type Conditions for H-Linked Graphs
Author(s): Ferrara, Michael; Gould, Ronald; Jacobson, Michael; et al.
Volume: 71 Issue: 1

Extensions of Gallai-Ramsey results
Author(s): Fujita, Shinya; Magnant, Colton
Volume: 70 Issue: 4