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Most Cited

These are the most-cited articles published in Polymer International in 2012 and 2013. The data has been compiled from Thomson ISI Web of Science® and was updated in March 2014.

  1. Solid-state dye-sensitized and bulk heterojunction solar cells using TiO2 and ZnO nanostructures: recent progress and new concepts at the borderline
    Johann Bouclé1, Jörg Ackermann
    Volume 61, Issue 3, pages 355–373, March 2012
  2. Recent advances in solid-state organic lasers
    Sébastien Chénais, Sébastien
    Volume 61, Issue 3, pages 390–406, March 2012
  3. Aniline oligomers versus polyaniline
    Jaroslav Stejskal, Miroslava Trchová
    Volume 61, Issue 2, pages 240–251, February 2012
  4. Chemical functionalization strategies for carbon dioxide capture in microporous organic polymers
    Robert Dawson, Andrew I Cooper, Dave J Adams
    Volume 62, Issue 3, pages 345–352, March 2013
  5. Facile design of biomaterials by click' chemistry
    Søren Hvilsted
    Volume 61, Issue 4, pages 485–494, April 2012
  6. Organic transistors and phototransistors based on small molecules
    Bruno Lucas1, Thierry Trigaud, Christine Videlot-Ackermann
    Volume 61, Issue 3, pages 374–389, March 2012
  7. Effect of incorporation of graphene oxide and graphene nanoplatelets on mechanical and gas permeability properties of poly(lactic acid) films
    Artur M Pinto, Joana Cabral, David A. Pacheco Tanaka, Adélio M Mendes, Fernão D Magalhães
    Volume 62, Issue 1, pages 33–40, January 2013
  8. Organic solar cell materials and active layer designs-improvements with carbon nanotubes: a review
    Bernard Ratier, Jean-Michel Nunzi2, Matt Aldissi, Thomas M Kraft, Erwin Buncel
    Volume 61, Issue 3, pages 342–354, March 2012
  9. Polymer mechanochemistry: the design and study of mechanophores
    Johnathan N Brantley, Kelly M Wiggins, Christopher W Bielawski
    Volume 62, Issue 1, pages 2–12, January 2013
  10. Thermoplastic polyurethanes from renewable resources: effect of soft segment chemical structure and molecular weight on morphology and final properties
    Ainara Saralegi, Lorena Rueda, Borja Fernández-d'Arlas, Iñaki Mondragon, Arantxa Eceiza, Mª Angeles Corcuera
    Volume 62, Issue 1, pages 106–115, January 2013
  11. Synthesis and studies of exceptionally crystalline polyaniline thin films
    Sreekanth J Varma, Francis Xavier, Soney Varghese, Sankaran Jayalekshmi
    Volume 61, Issue 5, pages 743–748, May 2012
  12. Effect of crystallization on barrier properties of formulated polylactide
    Cécile Courgneau, Sandra Domenek, Régis Lebossé, Alain Guinault, Luc Avérous, Violette Ducruet
    Volume 61, Issue 2, pages 180–189, February 2012