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Edited By: Peter T. Fox, Jack L. Lancaster, and Gary Egan

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Virtual Issue on Speech and Language

Language is a uniquely human capability that has fascinated scientists for centuries. As methods for human neuroscience have evolved, a high percentage of pioneering applications have addressed the neurobiology of speech and language. The landmark lesion-deficit observations of Paul Broca, first demonstrating the localization of function in the brain, established the precedent. As Wilder Penfield and colleagues developed intra-operative cortical stimulation mapping, identifying “eloquent cortex” was a primary objective. At the dawn of single-photon brain blood-flow imaging, David Ingvar and colleagues mapped speech production and word reading. When 15-O PET brain-mapping methods became sufficiently robust to map higher-order functions, Marcus Raichle, Steven Petersen and colleagues applied them to speech and language. Now that fMRI has become the dominant brain-mapping technique, studies of language production, language comprehension and language disorders remain at the forefront. Over the past 18 years, Human Brain Mapping has welcomed the opportunity to publish hundreds of high-impact articles in the area of speech and language. In this special issue, we present a collection of the most highly cited speech- and language-related papers from each of the past 10 years (2001-2011) as well as re-releasing the first speech-and-language paper published by Human Brain Mapping, printed in Volume 1, 1993.


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