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Our paper about implementing mandatory cell line authentication at the International Journal of Cancer has just been published in PLOS Biology - a milestone in promoting good scientific practice.

Read the paper here.

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2017 (Volume 140)

May (Issue 10)

Autophagy impairment by Helicobacter pylori-induced methylation silencing of MAP1LC3Av1 promotes gastric carcinogenesis
Jibran S. Muhammad, Sohachi Nanjo, Takayuki Ando, Satoshi Yamashita, Takao Maekita, Toshikazu Ushijima, Yoshiaki Tabuchi and Toshiro Sugiyama

May (Issue 9)

Methylated free-circulation HPP1 DNA is an early response marker in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer
Andreas Herbst, Nikolay Vdovin, Sanja Gacesa, Alexander Philipp, Dorothea Nagel, Lesca M. Holdt, Mark op den Winkel, Volker Heinemann, Petra Stieber, Ullrich Graeven, Anke Reinacher-Schick, Dirk Arnold, Ingid Ricard, Ulrich mansmann, Susanna Hegewisch-Becker and Frank T. Kolligs

April (Issue 8)

Diagnostic and prognostic role of cell-free DNA testing for colorectal cancer patients
Chiara Bedin, Maria V. Enzo, Paola Del Bianco, Salvatore Pucciarelli, Donato Nitti and Marco Agostini

April (Issue 9)

Transient immunological and clinical effectiveness of treating mice bearing premalignant oral lesions with PD-1 antibodies
Corinne A. Levingston and M. Rita I. Young

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