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Cancer research in France

Cancer research in France
Kara Rogers and Gilbert M. Lenoir

Oncometabolites-driven tumorigenesis: From genetics to targeted therapy
Aurélie Morin et al.

Recent insights into the biology of neuroblastoma
Gudrun Schleiermacher et al.

Retinoic acid signaling in cancer: The parable of acute promyelocytic leukemia
Julien Ablain and Hugues de Thé

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136(5): 1 March 2015
Identification of predictive factors of response to the BH3-mimetic molecule ABT-737: An ex vivo experiment in human serous ovarian carcinoma

Stéphanie Lheureux et al.

136(4): 15 February 2015
Oncolytic adenovirus and doxorubicin-based chemotherapy results in synergistic antitumor activity against soft-tissue sarcoma

Mikko Siurala et al.

136(3): 1 February 2015
Interruption of KLF5 acetylation converts its function from tumor suppressor to tumor promoter in prostate cancer cells

Xin Li et al.

136(2): 15 January 2015
Histone lysine methyltransferase SUV39H1 is a potent target for epigenetic therapy of hepatocellular carcinoma

T Chiba et al.

136(1): 1 January 2015
Development of thyroglobulin antibodies after GVAX immunotherapy is associated with prolonged survival

A. De Remigis et al.

135(12): 15 December 2014
Cell-targeting inhibits that as tumor inflammation an inducing without local dendritic of growth immunoadjuvant lipopeptide a development

T Akazawa et al.

135(11): 1 December 2014
Immunotherapy of B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma by targeting the chemokine receptor CXCR5 in a preclinical mouse model

H. Panjideh et al.

135(10): 15 November 2014
Risk factors for cancers of unknown primary site: Results from the prospective EPIC cohort

R. Kaaks et al.

135(9): 1 November 2014
Calcium-sensing receptor silencing in colorectal cancer is associated with promoter hypermethylation and loss of acetylation on histone 3

I. S. Fetahu et al.

135(8): 15 October 2014
Anti-VEGF antibody enhances the antitumor effect of CD40

S. Selvaraj et al.

135(7): 1 October 2014
Ha-ras and β-catenin oncoproteins orchestrate metabolic programs in mouse liver tumors

E. B. Unterberger et al.

135(6): 15 September 2014
Multilayer-omics analysis of renal cell carcinoma, including the whole exome, methylome and transcriptome

E. Arai et al.

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Editors' Choice

2014 Joint IJC & Klaus Tschira Stiftung Lectureships

IJC Lectureships

The Joint IJC and Klaus Tschira Stiftung Lectureship at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg honors three to four leading scientists in the field of cancer research each year. We would like to offer our international readership a taste of these lectures and now present the 2014 videos. Additional videos will be posted following each lecture. We welcome you to view them. The videos from the lectures in 2012 and 2013 can be found under “Special Features”.

Prof Jane Visvader
The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute Melbourne, Australia


Prof Peter W. Laird
University of Southern California, School of Medicine, CA


Prof Dr C. Richard Boland
Baylor University Medical Center Dallas, Texas