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Editor-in-Chief: Professor Peter Lichter, DKFZ, Germany

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A mixture of amino acids and other small molecules present in the serum suppresses the growth of murine and human tumors in vivo
Gyula Kulcsár, Dezső Gaál, Péter I. Kulcsár, Ákos Schulcz and Tamás Czömpöly

Global estimates of cancer prevalence for 27 sites in the adult population in 2008
Freddie Bray, Jian-Song Ren, Eric Masuyer and Jacques Ferlay

Complexity of cancer stem cells
Eiji Sugihara and Hideyuki Saya

KRAS and BRAF mutation status in circulating colorectal tumor cells and their correlation with primary and metastatic tumor tissue
Bianca Mostert, Yuqiu Jiang, Anieta M. Sieuwerts, Haiying Wang, Joan Bolt-de Vries, Katharina Biermann, Jaco Kraan, Zarina Lalmahomed, Anne van Galen, Vanja de Weerd, Petra van der Spoel, Raquel Ramírez-Moreno, Cornelis Verhoef, Jan N.M. IJzermans, Yixin Wang, Jan-Willem Gratama, John A. Foekens, Stefan Sleijfer and John W.M. Martens

Cellular reprogramming and cancer development
Katsunori Semi, Yutaka Matsuda, Kotaro Ohnishi and Yasuhiro Yamada

Meta-analysis of microRNA expression in lung cancer
Urmo Võsa, Tõnu Vooder, Raivo Kolde, Jaak Vilo, Andres Metspalu and Tarmo Annilo

Effects of valganciclovir as an add-on therapy in patients with cytomegalovirus-positive glioblastoma: A randomized, double-blind, hypothesis-generating study
Giuseppe Stragliotto, Afsar Rahbar, Nina Wolmer Solberg, Anders Lilja, Chato Taher, Abiel Orrego, Birgitta Bjurman, Charlotte Tammik, Petra Skarman, Inti Peredo and Cecilia Söderberg-Nauclér

High male chimerism in the female breast shows quantitative links with cancer
Eugen Dhimolea, Viktoria Denes, Monika Lakk, Sana Al-Bazzaz, Sonya Aziz-Zaman, Monika Pilichowska and Peter Geck, et al.

Establishment of tumor-specific copy number alterations from plasma DNA of patients with cancer
Ellen Heitzer, Martina Auer, Eva Maria Hoffmann, Martin Pichler, Christin Gasch, Peter Ulz, Sigurd Lax, Julie Waldispuehl-Geigl, Oliver Mauermann, Sumitra Mohan, Gunda Pristauz, Carolin Lackner, Gerald Höfler, Florian Eisner, Edgar Petru, Heinz Sill, Hellmut Samonigg, Klaus Pantel, Sabine Riethdorf, Thomas Bauernhofer, Jochen B. Geigl and Michael R. Speicher

Biomarkers for the clinical management of breast cancer: International perspective
Neill Patani, Lesley-Ann Martin and Mitch Dowsett