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30th September 2011

Cancers Caused by Cancer Treatment
Maddams et al.

Do Hair Dyes Cause Cancer?
Koutros et al.

12th August 2011

Wasting Away
Chung et al.

Identifying HPV in Skin Lesions
Ekström et al.

Spontaneous Assembly of Cell Adhesion Structures
Franke et al.

Forcing Cancer Cells to Feel Their Age
Hasan et al.

Yogurt Hits the Spot for Cancer Prevention
Pala et al.

Nanobodies: Small But Powerful
Roovers et al.

Humanized tumor mice
Wege et al.

Intestinal Inflammation and Cancer
Westbrook et al.

12th July 2011

Home Eviction: How To Interfere with Prostate Cancer Metastasis
Shanmugam et al.

Cancer’s Second Attack: Increased Cancer Risk in Childhood Cancer Survivor
Maule et al.

Detection of Ovarian Cancer Nodules Using A Fluorescent Dye
Kosaka et al.

Spicing Up Tumor Therapy: A New Bioconjugate of Curcumin Fights Pancreatic Cancer
Aggarwal et al.

9th July 2011

Fat Intake Linked with Esophageal Cancer
O’Doherty et al.

Down and Up Again: CEACAM1’s Role in Colorectal Cancer
Ieda et al.

Molecular Clues of a Herbal Carcinogen
Moriya et al.

6th July 2011

Pregnancy Rates in Cancer Survivor
Stensheim et al.

DNA Methylations Levels and Cancer Risk
Nagashio et al.

Earlier Weight Gain, Earlier Cancer
Lu et al.

2nd June 2011

Angiogenesis Inhibitors: The Next Generation

Bruheim at al.
Jung et al.

Barrier to Food-Derived Carcinogens Weakened in Colorectal Adenoma

Dietrich et al.

Vaccines as Treatment for Cervical Cancer
Decrausaz et al.

6th May 2011

Malignant Melanoma and Neonatal UVB Exposure
Gaffal et al.

21 April 2011

Tonsillar Cancer and HPV
Rotnáglová et al.

Folic Acid: Cancer Friend or Foe?
Figueiredo et al.

7 April 2011

The Mother of all Microarrays
Dawany et al.

Cancer in HIV-Infected Patients
Lanoy et al.

Safe and Effective Immunization Regimes
Oosterhuis et al.
Mueller et al.

Cancer Testis Antigens and Tumor Recurrence in Stomach Cancer
Perez et al.

A Better Protein Kinase Inhibitor
Wilhelm et al.

15 March 2011

Fighting Cancer with Aspirin
Dhillon et al

Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Skipping Cirrhosis
Ertle et al

Sensitizing Dormant Leukemic Cells to Anti-Leukemic Agents

Ikezoe et al

8 March 2011

A New Peptide Target for Immunotherapy

Coleman et al.

Predicting Drug Resistance in Breast Cancer
Yamauchi et al.

Imatinib for the Treatment of Gastrointestinal Tumor
Essat et al.
Sumida et al.

2 February 2011

Alcohol Consumption and Glioblastoma
Baglietto et al.

Fighting Bone Cancer
David et al.

Glycopeptides Antibodies as Biomarkers in Bowel Cancer

Pedersen et al.

13 January 2011

Time Children Spend with Children
Urayama et al.

Young Cancer Survivors Burdened by Diseases Later in Life
Lorenzi et al.

Postmenopausal Hormone Therapy and Endometrial Cancer
Jaakkola et al.

Precursor Lesions for Cervical Adenocarcinomas Evade Early Detection
Ault et al.

7 December 2010

Cracking Drug-Resistant Pancreatic Cancer
Banerjee et al.

Making “Antisense” for Prostate Cancer Therapy
Hensley et al.

How Ovarian Cancer Cells Keep Their Cool
Lis et al.

A Better Weapon Against Breast Cancer
Suzuki et al.

Why It Is Even More Important To Eat Your Fiber
Tang et al.

12 November 2010

Acrylamide and Esophageal Cancer

Lin et al.

Hold the Booze
Millonig et al.

HER2 and Immune Escape
Mimura et al.

29 October 2010

Nestin’s role in brain tumor carcinogenesis
Lu et al.

Synthetic siRNA hampers Ewing sarcoma
Takigami et al.

With HIV drugs against cancer
Toschi et al.

The ups and downs of DNA methylation in gastric tumors
Yoshida et al.

Adhesion protein is an early warning of metastasis
Contié et al.

14 September 2010

HRT and ovarian cancer: progestin could make the difference
Hildebrand et al.

Finding new mutations linked to inherited colon cancer
Gylfe et al.

New resources available on cancer global incidences
Parkin et al. & Ferlay et al.

03 September 2010

Trends in cancer incidence in the Tunisian population
Missaoui et al.

Endometrial cancer lurking in Lynch syndrome patients
Obermair et al.

Starving tumors, one metastasis at a time
Shelton et al.

Mitochondrial defect opens door to destruction
Stockwin et al.

Vitamin K gives a boost to anti-cancer drug sorafenib
Wei et al.

Promising new target in drug-resistant breast cancer
Yotsumoto et al.

15 July 2010

Molecular profile can give patients thumbs-up or thumbs-down
Schulte et al.

Gallbladder cancer: unique lessons learned from Chilean women
Betran et al.

New insight into old foes: kallikreins and prostate cancer
Rabien et al.

Colon tumors get a boost from mesenchymal stem cells
Shinagawa et al.

One vaccine, many tumors
Srivastava et al.

21 June 2010

Non-melanoma skin cancer on the rise
Birch-Johansen et al.

Trifunctional antibodies call in the immune System
Heiss et al.

Pancreatic cancer: rites of passage
Zhao et al.

26 May 2010

HPV and cervical adenocarcinoma
Dahlström et al.

Arming stem cells to fight brain cancer
Chang et al.

Matriptase: seeing is believing
Napp et al.

21 May 2010

Lessons learned from a devil
O'Neill et al.

New electric therapy can safely destroy melanoma in mice
Nuccitelli et al.

Prostate cancer incidence decreased by screening
Kilpeläinen et al.

Metastatic players in oral tongue carcinoma
Vered et al.

MMP11 and metastasis: a complicated relationship
Brasse et al.

Artemisinin: from malaria to cancer Treatment?
Rasheed et al.

A lethal effect of the H-1PV virus
Lacroix et al.

Tumor control from without
Martinkova et al.

Marine sponges rarely develop cancer
Rothmeier et al.