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Editors' Choice

2015 (Volume 136)

Identification of NY-BR-1-specific CD4 T cell epitopes using HLA-transgenic mice
Adriane Gardyan et al.
Vol 136, No. 11 (June 2015): 2588-2587

Chromosome instability in diffuse large B cell lymphomas is suppressed by activation of the noncanonical NF-κB pathway
Sampath Ramachandiran et al.
Vol 136, No. 10 (May 2015): 2341-2351

Circulating tumor DNA and circulating tumor cells in metastatic triple negative breast cancer patients
Jordan Madic et al.
Vol 136, No. 9 (May 2015): 2158-2165

Potent antitumor activity of cabozantinib, a c-MET and VEGFR2 inhibitor, in a colorectal cancer patient-derived tumor explant model
Eun-Kee Song et al.
Vol 136, No. 8 (April 2015): 1967-1975

Metastasis blood test by flow cytometry: in vivo cancer spheroids and the role of hypoxia
Viktoria Denes et al.
Vol 136, No. 7 (April 2015): 1528-1536

Assessment of ovarian cancer conditions from exhaled breath
Haitham Amal et al.
Vol 136, No. 6 (March 2015): E614-E622

Identification of predictive factors of response to the BH3-mimetic molecule ABT-737: An ex vivo experiment in human serous ovarian carcinoma
Stéphanie Lheureux et al.
Vol 136, No. 5 (March 2015): E340-E350

Oncolytic adenovirus and doxorubicin-based chemotherapy results in synergistic antitumor activity against soft-tissue sarcoma
Mikko Siurala et al.
Vol 136, No. 4 (February 2015): 945-954

Interruption of KLF5 acetylation converts its function from tumor suppressor to tumor promoter in prostate cancer cells
Xin Li et al.
Vol 136, No. 3 (February 2015): 536-546

Histone lysine methyltransferase SUV39H1 is a potent target for epigenetic therapy of hepatocellular carcinoma

T. Chiba et al.
Vol. 136, No. 2 (January 2015): 289-298

Development of thyroglobulin antibodies after GVAX immunotherapy is associated with prolonged survival

A. De Remigis et al.
Vol. 136, No. 1 (January 2015): 127–137

2014 (Volume 135)

Development of a dendritic cell-targeting lipopeptide as an immunoadjuvant that inhibits tumor growth without inducing local inflammation

T. Akazawa et al.
Vol. 135, No. 12 (December 2014): 2847-2856

Immunotherapy of B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma by targeting the chemokine receptor CXCR5 in a preclinical mouse model

H. Panjideh et al.
Vol. 135, No. 11 (December 2014): 2623–2632

Risk factors for cancers of unknown primary site: Results from the prospective EPIC cohort

R. Kaaks et al.
Vol. 135, No. 10 (November 2014): 2475–2481

Calcium-sensing receptor silencing in colorectal cancer is associated with promoter hypermethylation and loss of acetylation on histone 3

I. S. Fetahu et al.
Vol. 135, No. 9 (November 2014): 2014–2023

Anti-VEGF antibody enhances the antitumor effect of CD40

S. Selvaraj et al.
Vol. 135, No. 8 (October 2014): 1983–1988

Ha-ras and β-catenin oncoproteins orchestrate metabolic programs in mouse liver tumors

E. B. Unterberger et al.
Vol. 135, No. 7 (October 2014): 1574–1585

Multilayer-omics analysis of renal cell carcinoma, including the whole exome, methylome and transcriptome

Eri Arai et al.
Vol. 135, No. 6 (September 2014): 1330–1342

CD24 knockout prevents colorectal cancer in chemically induced colon carcinogenesis and in APCMin/CD24 double knockout transgenic mice

Inna Naumov et al.
Vol. 135, No. 5 (September 2014): 1048–1059

A newly synthesized compound, 4′-geranyloxyferulic acid–N(omega)-nitro-l-arginine methyl ester suppresses inflammation-associated colorectal carcinogenesis in male mice

Masahito Shimizu et al.
Vol. 135, No. 4 (August 2014): 774–784

Beneficial bacteria stimulate host immune cells to counteract dietary and genetic predisposition to mammary cancer in mice

Jessica R. Lakritz et al.
Vol. 135, No. 3 (August 2014): 529–540

Predictability, efficacy and safety of radiosensitization of glioblastoma-initiating cells by the ATM inhibitor KU-60019

Donatella Vecchio et al.
Vol. 135, No. 2 (July 2014): 479–491

Multilayered molecular profiling supported the monoclonal origin of metastatic renal cell carcinoma

Yi Huang et al.
Vol. 135, No. 1 (July 2014): 78–87

2014 (Volume 134)

The bispecific immunoligand ULBP2-aCEA redirects natural killer cells to tumor cells and reveals potent anti-tumor activity against colon carcinoma

Achim Rotheet al.
Vol. 134, No. 12 (June 2014): 2829–2840

Origin and pharmacological modulation of tumor-associated regulatory dendritic cells

Hua Zhong et al.
Vol. 134, No. 11 (June 2014): 2633–2645

Identification of genes expressed by immune cells of the colon that are regulated by colorectal cancer-associated variants

Vanya D. Peltekova et al.
Vol. 134, No. 10 (May 2014): 2330–2341

Progression of carcinogen-induced fibrosarcomas is associated with the accumulation of naïve CD4 T cells via blood vessels and lymphatics
Beatrice Ondondo et al.
Vol. 134, No. 9 (May 2014): 2156–2167

Cancer-associated fibroblasts might sustain the stemness of scirrhous gastric cancer cells via transforming growth factor-β signaling
Tsuyoshi Hasegawa et al.
Vol. 134, No. 8 (April 2014): 1785–1795

Molecular characterization of cancer reveals interactions between ionizing radiation and chemicals on rat mammary carcinogenesi
Tatsuhiko Imaoka et al.
Vol. 134, No. 7 (April 2014): 1529–1538

Complete regression of glioblastoma by mesenchymal stem cells mediated prodrug gene therapy simulating clinical therapeutic scenario
Cestmir Altaner et al.
Vol. 134, No. 6 (March 2014): 1458–1465

The proinflammatory peptide substance P promotes blood–brain barrier breaching by breast cancer cells through changes in microvascular endothelial cell tight junction
Pedro L.Rodriguez et al.
Vol. 134, No. 5 (March 2014): 1034-1044

Presence of disseminated tumor cells in bone marrow correlates with tumor stage and nodal involvement in cervical cancer patients
Tanja Fehm et al.
Vol. 134, No. 4 (February 2014): 925-931

Tumor stroma and differentiated cancer cells can be originated directly from polyploid giant cancer cells induced by paclitaxel
Shiwu Zhang et al.
Vol. 134, No. 3 (February 2014): 508-518

The antibody-based targeted delivery of interleukin-4 and 12 to the tumor neovasculature eradicates tumors in three mouse models of cancer
Hemmerle Teresa and Neri Dario
Vol. 134, No. 2 (January 2014): 467-477

Expression differences between African American and Caucasian prostate cancer tissue reveals that stroma is the site of aggressive changes
Yu et al.
Vol. 134, No. 1 (January 2014): 81–91

Deficiency of Kruppel-like factor KLF4 in mammary tumor cells inhibits tumor growth and pulmonary metastasis and is accompanied by compromised recruitment of myeloid-derived suppressor cells
Yu et al.
Vol. 133, No. 12 (December 2013): 2872–2883

Targeting breast cancer-initiating/stem cells with melanoma differentiation-associated gene-7/interleukin-24
Bhutia et al.
Vol. 133, No. 11 (December 2013): 2726–2736

The metastatic microenvironment: Lung-derived factors control the viability of neuroblastoma lung metastasis
Maman et al.
Vol. 133, No. 10 (November 2013): 2296–2306

Antitumor T cell responses in bladder cancer
Horn et al.
Vol. 133, No. 9 (November 2013): 2145–2156

IL-1b and leukemia stem cells
Yang et al.
Vol. 133, No. 8(October 2013): 1967–1981

Pediatric leukemia xenotransplantation model
Woiterski et al.
Vol. 133, No. 7 (October 2013): 1334-1344

Clinical tests for the impact of HPV vaccine
Meites et al.
Vol. 133, No. 5 (September 2013): 1101-1106

Dysfunctional endothelium stimulates metastasis
Franses et al.
Vol. 133, No. 6 (September 2013): 1334-1344

Microchimerism and breast cancer
Dhimolea et al.
Vol. 133, No. 4 (August 2013): 835-842

MiR-326 targeting of Smo in CML CD341 cells
Babashah et al.
Vol. 133, No. 3 (August 2013): 1547-1556

Establishment of tumor-specific copy number alterations from plasma DNA of patients with cancer
Heitzer et al.
Vol. 133, No. 2 (July 2013): 346-357

KRAS and BRAF mutation status in circulating colorectal tumor cells and their correlation with primary and metastatic tumor tissue
Mostert et al.
Vol. 133, No. 1 (July 2013): 130-141

Roles of CCR4/CCL22 in Head and Neck Cancer Metastasis
Tsujikawa et al.
Vol. 132, No. 12 (15 June 2013): 2755–2766

Chemopreventive effect of AKBA on intestinal polyposis in APCMin/þ mice
Liu et al.
Vol. 132, No. 11 (1 June 2013): 2667–2681

Systemic reovirus therapy for liver metastases
Adair et al.
Vol. 132, No. 10 (15 May 2013): 2327–2338

GSI I induces apoptosis in CLL cells
Rosati et al.
Vol. 132, No. 8 (15 April 2013): 1940-1953

HDAC11 is a novel drug target in carcinomas
Deubzer et al.
Vol. 132, No. 8 (15 April 2013): 2200-2208

Gene profiling using next generation sequencing
Tran et al.
Vol. 132, No. 9 (1 May 2013): 1547–1555

Adenoviral HCC therapy in immunocompetent mice
Lin et al.
Vol. 132, No. 6 (15 March 2013): 1451–1462

Dynamics of T-Cell Infiltration
Fialova et al.
Vol. 132, No. 5 (1 March 2013): 1070-1079

MSC-directed imatinib therapy for colorectal cancer
Shinagawa et al.
Vol. 132, No. 4 (15 February 2013): 813–823

Novel driver mutations in colorectal cancer
Zhang et al.
Vol. 132, No. 3 (1 February 2013): 732-737

Plasma membrane proteomics in endometrial cancer
Yokoyama et al.
Vol. 132, No. 2 (15 January 2013): 472-484

VEGF-A and HIF-1a inhibition in sarcomas
Yeo-Jung et al.
Vol. 132, No. 1 (1 January 2013): 29-41

2012 (Volumes 130-131)

Antibodies to the CEA N domain block metastasis
Aws Abdul-Wahid et al.
Vol. 131, No. 12 (15 December 2012): 2839-2851

Synthetic lethal targeting using APE1 inhibitors
Sultana et al.
Vol. 131, No. 11 (1 December 2012): 2433–2444

Small-molecule screen identifies modulators of EWS/FLI1 target gene expression and cell survival in Ewing’s sarcoma
Boro et al.
Vol. 131, No. 9 (1 November 2012): 2153-2164

Atorvastatin delays progression of pancreatic lesions to carcinoma by regulating PI3/AKT signaling in p48Cre/1 LSL-KrasG12D/1 mice
Altaf Mohammed, Li Qian, Naveena B. Janakiram et al.
Vol. 131, No. 8 (15 October 2012): 1951–1962

DNA methylation of the CYP1A1 enhancer is associated with smoking-induced genetic alterations in human lung
Xavier Tekpli, Shanbeh Zienolddiny, Vidar Skaug et al.
Vol. 131, No. 7 (1 October 2012): 1509–1516

Chemoprevention of familial adenomatous polyposis by bromo-noscapine (EM011) in the ApcMin/1 mouse model
Shiwang Li, Amr M. Ghaleb, Jing He et al.
Vol. 131, No. 6 (15 September 2012): 1435–1444

Pregnancy-induced chromatin remodeling in the breast of postmenopausal women
Jose Russo, Julia Santucci-Pereira, Ricardo Lopez de Cicco et al.
Vol. 131, No. 5 (1 September 2012): 1059–1070

Adoptive T cell therapy promotes the emergence of genomically altered tumor escape variants
Karen M. Kaluza, Jill M. Thompson, Timothy J. Kottke et al.
Vol. 131, No. 4 (15 August 2012): 844–854

Eradication of large tumors expressing human papillomavirus E7 protein by therapeutic vaccination with E7 fused to the extra domain a from fibronectin
Cristina Mansilla, Pedro Berraondo, Maika Durantez et al.
Vol. 131, No. 3 (1 August 2012): 641–651

The antitumor effect of a novel angiogenesis inhibitor (an octahydronaphthalene derivative) targeting both VEGF receptor and NF-κB pathway
Kosuke Watari, Mamiyo Nakamura, Yuichi Fukunaga et al.
Vol. 131, No. 2 (15 July 2012): 310-321

In vivo horizontal transmission of cancer and human genes
David M. Goldenberg, David Zagzag, Kerstin M. Heselmeyer-Haddad et al.
Vol. 131, No. 1 (1 July 2012): 49–58

Carbidopa inhibits AR activity and tumor progression
Latif A. Wafa, Helen Cheng, Nathan Plaa et al.
Vol. 130, No. 12 (15 June 2012): 2835–2844

L1-CAM-targeted antibody therapy and 177Lu-radioimmunotherapy of disseminated ovarian cancer
Eliane Fischer, Jurgen Grunberg, Susan Cohrs et al.
Vol. 130, No. 11 (1 June 2012): 2715–2721

Diagnostic performance of one-step nucleic acid amplification for intraoperative sentinel node metastasis detection in breast cancer patients
Marie-Aude Le Frere-Belda, Anne-Sophie Bats, Florence Gillaizeau et al.
Vol. 130, No. 10 (15 May 2012): 2377–2386

Role of exosomes released by chronic myelogenous leukemia cells in angiogenesis
Simona Taverna, Anna Flugy, Laura Saieva et al.
Vol. 130, No. 9 (1 May 2012): 2033–2043

T cells raised against allogeneic HLA-A2/CD20 kill primary follicular lymphoma and acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells
Ingerid Weum Abrahamsen, Synneva Kjellevoll, Margrethe Greve-Isdahl et al.
Vol. 130, No. 8 (15 April 2012): 1821–1832

The WWP1 ubiquitin E3 ligase increases TRAIL resistance in breast cancer
Zhongmei Zhou, Rong Liu and Ceshi Chen
Vol. 130, No. 7 (1 April 2012): 1504–1510

Increased incidence of aflatoxin B1-induced liver tumors in hepatitis virus C transgenic mice
Emmanuelle Jeannot, Gary A. Boorman, Oksana Kosyk et al.
Vol. 130, No. 6 (15 March 2012): 1347–1356

Isolation of disseminated neuroblastoma cells from bone marrow aspirates for pretreatment risk assessment by array comparative genomic hybridization
Mado Vandewoestyne, Candy Kumps, Katrien Swerts et al.
Vol. 130, No. 5 (1 March 2012): 1098–1108

An intact retinoblastoma protein-binding site in Merkel cell polyomavirus large T antigen is required for promoting growth of Merkel cell carcinoma cells
Roland Houben, Christian Adam, Anne Baeurle et al.
Vol. 130, No. 4 (15 February 2012): 847–856

The novel lupus antigen related protein acheron enhances the development of human breast cancer
Rong Shao, Steve J. Scully, Jr., Wei Yan et al.
Vol. 130, No. 3 (1 February 2012): 544–554

A reduction of recipient regulatory T cells by cyclophosphamide contributes to an anti-tumor effect of nonmyeloablative allogeneic stem cell transplantation in mice
Ario Takeuchi, Masatoshi Eto, Hisakata Yamada et al.
Vol. 130, No. 2 (15 January 2012): 365–376

Serum antiglycan antibody detection of nonmucinous ovarian cancers by using a printed glycan array
Francis Jacob, Darlene R. Goldstein, Nicolai V. Bovin et al.
Vol. 130, No. 1 (1 January 2012): 138–146

2011 (Volumes 128-129)

Effects of small molecule inhibitors of PI3K/Akt/mTOR signaling on neuroblastoma growth in vitro and in vivo
Lova Segerström, Ninib Baryawno, Baldur Sveinbjörnsson et al.
Vol. 129, No. 12 (15 December 2011): 2958–2965

Induction of autophagy promotes differentiation of glioma-initiating cells and their radiosensitivity
Wenzhuo Zhuang, Bingzong Li, Linmei Long et al.
Vol. 129, No. 11 (1 December 2011): 2720–2731

Indirubin inhibits tumor growth by antitumor angiogenesis via blocking VEGFR2-mediated JAK/STAT3 signaling in endothelial cell
Xiaoli Zhang, Yajuan Song, Yuanyuan Wuet al.
Vol. 129, No. 10 (15 November 2011): 2502–2511

Humanized tumor mice—A new model to study and manipulate the immune response in advanced cancer therapy
Anja K. Wege, Wolfgang Ernst, Judith Eckl et al.
Vol. 129, No. 9 (1 November 2011): 2194–2206

A biparatopic anti-EGFR nanobody efficiently inhibits solid tumour growth
Rob C. Roovers, Maria J.W.D. Vosjan, Toon Laeremans et al.
Vol. 129, No. 8 (15 October 2011): 2013–2024

Identification of candidate predisposing copy number variants in familial and early-onset colorectal cancer patients
Ramprasath Venkatachalam, Eugene T.P. Verwiel, Eveline J. Kamping et al.
Vol. 129, No. 7 (1 October 2011): 1635–1642

Markers of fibrosis and epithelial to mesenchymal transition demonstrate field cancerization in histologically normal tissue adjacent to breast tumors
Kristina A. Trujillo, Christopher M. Heaphy, Minh Mai et al.
Vol. 129, No. 6 (15 September 2011): 1310–1321

Expression profiling of GIST: CD133 is associated with KIT exon 11 mutations, gastric location and poor prognosis
Gabriella Arne, Erik Kristiansson, Olle Nerman et al.
Vol. 129, No. 5 (1 September 2011): 1149–1161

Inhibition of neutrophil infiltration into A549 lung tumors in vitro and in vivo using a CXCR2-specific antagonist is associated with reduced tumor growth
Simon Tazzyman, Simon T. Barry, Susan Ashton et al.
Vol. 129, No. 4 (15 August 2011): 847–858

Human glioblastoma-initiating cells invade specifically the subventricular zones and olfactory bulbs of mice after striatal injection
Jerome Kroonen, Jessica Nassen, Yves-Gautier Boulanger et al.
Vol. 129, No. 3 (1 August 2011): 574–585

Tumor eradication by immunotherapy with biodegradable PLGA microspheres—an alternative to incomplete Freund’s adjuvant
Marc Mueller, Eva Schlosser, Bruno Gander et al.
Vol. 129, No. 2 (15 July 2011): 407–416

CXCR4 peptide antagonist inhibits primary breast tumor growth, metastasis and enhances the efficacy of anti-VEGF treatment or docetaxel in a transgenic mouse model
Saima Hassan, Marguerite Buchanan, Kaushar Jahan, et al.
Vol. 129, No. 1 (1 July 2011): 225–232

A high omega-6 fat diet promotes pancreatic neoplasia
Eric C. Cheon, Matthew J. Strouch, Morgan R. Barron, et al.
Vol. 128, No. 12 (15 June 2011): 2783–2792

Axitinib in neuroblastoma xenografts
Jochen Rossler, Yann Monnet, Francoise Farace, et al.
Vol. 128, No. 11 (1 June 2011): 2748–2758

Medical radiation exposure and risk of retinoblastoma resulting from new germline RB1 mutation
Greta R. Bunin, Marc A. Felice, William Davidson, et al.
Vol. 128, No. 10 (15 May 2011): 2393–2404

E-cadherin expression on human carcinoma cell affects trastuzumab-mediated antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity through killer cell lectin-like receptor G1 on natural killer cells
Chisako Yamauchi, Satoshi Fujii, Taichi Kimura, et al.
Vol. 128, No. 9 (1 May 2011): 2125–2137

Micro-RNA-21 regulates TGF-b-induced myofibroblast differentiation by targeting PDCD4 in tumor-stroma interaction
Qin Yao, Siyu Cao, Chun Li, et al.
Vol. 128, No. 8 (15 Apr 2011): 1783–1792

Early life exposure to infections and risk of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Kevin Y. Urayama, Xiaomei Ma, Steve Selvin, et al.
Vol. 128, No. 7 (1 Apr 2011): 1632–1643

Dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids and breast cancer risk in Chinese women: a prospective cohort study
Harvey J. Murff, Xiao-Ou Shu, Honglan Li, et al.
Vol. 128, No. 6 (15 Mar 2011): 1434–1441

A tritherapy combination of a fusion protein vaccine with immune-modulating doses of sequential chemotherapies in an optimized regimen completely eradicates large tumors in mice
Xinxin Song, Wenzhong Guo, Jianfeng Cui, et al.
Vol. 128, No. 5 (1 Mar 2011): 1129–1138

Metastasis-focused cell-based SELEX generates aptamers inhibiting cell migration and invasion
Elina Zueva, Laila Illan Rubio, Frederic Duconge, et al.
Vol. 128, No. 4 (15 Feb 2011): 797–804

Tumor associated mesenchymal stem cells protects ovarian cancer cells from hyperthermia through CXCL12
Raphael Lis, Cyril Touboul, Pejman Mirshahi, et al.
Vol. 128, No. 3 (1 Feb 2011): 715–725

Increased expression and serum levels of the stromal cell-secreted protein periostin in breast cancer bone metastases
Sylvain Contie, Nathalie Voorzanger-Rousselot, Judith Litvin, et al.
Vol. 128, No. 2 (15 Jan 2011): 352–360

Synthetic siRNA targeting the breakpoint of EWS/Fli-1 inhibits growth of Ewing sarcoma xenografts in a mouse model
Iori Takigami, Takatoshi Ohno, Yukio Kitade, et al.
Vol. 128, No. 1 (1 Jan 2011): 216–226

2010 (Volumes 126-127)

Vitamin K enhancement of sorafenib-mediated HCC cell growth inhibition in vitro and in vivo
Gang Wei, Meifang Wang, Terry Hyslop, et al.
Vol. 127, No. 12 (15 Dec 2010): 2949–2958

HB-EGF orchestrates the complex signals involved in triplenegative and trastuzumab-resistant breast cancer
Fusanori Yotsumoto, Eiji Oki, Eriko Tokunaga, et al.
Vol. 127, No. 11 (1 Dec 2010): 2707–2717

Glutamine targeting inhibits systemic metastasis in the VM-M3 murine tumor model
Laura M. Shelton, Leanne C. Huysentruyt & Thomas N. Seyfried
Vol. 127, No. 10 (15 Nov 2010): 2478–2485

The trifunctional antibody catumaxomab for the treatment of malignant ascites due to epithelial cancer: results of a prospective randomized phase II/III trial
Markus M. Heiss, Pawel Murawa, Piotr Koralewski, et al.
Vol. 127, No. 9 (1 Nov 2010): 2209-2221

The growth of brain tumors can be suppressed by multiple transplantation of mesenchymal stem cells expressing cytosine deaminase
Da-Young Chang, Seung-Wan Yoo, Youngtae Hong, et al.
Vol. 127, No. 8 (15 Oct 2010): 1975-1983

Tasmanian devil facial tumor disease: insights into reduced tumor surveillance from an unusual malignancy
Olga Kholmanskikh, Nicolas van Baren, Francis Brasseur, et al.
Vol. 127, No. 7 (1 Oct 2010): 1637-1642

Matrix metalloproteinase 11/stromelysin-3 exerts both activator and repressor functions during the hematogenous metastatic process in mice
David Brasse, Carole Mathelin, Khadija Leroux, et al.
Vol. 127, No. 6 (15 Sep 2010): 1347-1355

Parvovirus H1 selectively induces cytotoxic effects on human neuroblastoma cells
Jeannine Lacroix, Barbara Leuchs, Junwei Li, et al.
Vol. 127, No. 5 (1 Sep 2010): 1230-1239

The anticancer effect of probiotic Bacillus polyfermenticus on human colon cancer cells is mediated through ErbB2 and ErbB3 inhibition
Elise L. Ma, Yoon Jeong Choi, Jinyoung Choi, et al.
Vol. 127, No. 4 (15 Aug 2010): 780-790

Estrogen-induced angiogenic factors derived from stromal and cancer cells are differently regulated by enterolactone and genistein in human breast cancer in vivo
Niina M. Saarinen, Annelie Abrahamsson, Charlotta Dabrosin
Vol. 127, No. 3 (1 Aug 2010): 737-745

Autoantibody potential of cancer therapeutic monoclonal antibodies
John A. McIntyre, W. Page Faulk
Vol. 127, No. 2 (15 Jul 2010): 491-496

pH-dependent antitumor activity of proton pump inhibitors against human melanoma is mediated by inhibition of tumor acidity
Angelo De Milito, Rossella Canese, Maria Lucia Marino, et al.
Vol. 127, No. 1 (1 Jul 2010): 207-219

Fetal cell microchimerism in papillary thyroid cancer: studies in peripheral blood and tissues
Valentina Cirello, Michela Perrino, Carla Colombo, et al.
Vol. 126, No. 12 (15 Jun 2010): 2874-2878

The role of the intravascular microenvironment in spontaneous metastasis development
Qingbei Zhang, Meng Yang, Jikun Shen, et al.
Vol. 126, No. 11 (1 Jun 2010): 2534-2541

Ras inhibits endoplasmic reticulum stress in human cancer cells with amplified Myc
Shira Yaari-Stark, Maayan Shaked, Yael Nevo-Caspi, et al.
Vol. 126, No. 10 (15 May 2010): 2268-2281

Small molecule XIAP inhibitors sensitize childhood acute leukemia cells for CD95-induced apoptosis
Sandra Loeder, Annekathrin Drensek, Irmela Jeremias, et al.
Vol. 126, No. 9 (1 May 2010): 2216-2228

Loss of FBXW7, a cell cycle regulating gene, in colorectal cancer: Clinical significance
Masaaki Iwatsuki, Koshi Mimori, Hideshi Ishii, et al.
Vol. 126, No. 8 (15 Apr 2010): 1828-1837

Unifying roles for regulatory T cells and inflammation in cancer
Susan E. Erdman, Varada P. Rao, Werner Olipitz, et al.
Vol. 126, No. 7 (1 Apr 2010): 1651-1665

Loss of STARD10 expression identifies a group of poor prognosis breast cancers independent of HER2/Neu and triple negative status
Niamh C. Murphy, Andrew V. Biankin, Ewan K.A. Millar, et al.
Vol. 126, No. 6 (15 Mar 2010): 1445-1453

Primary gene-engineered neural stem/progenitor cells demonstrate tumor-selective migration and antitumor effects in glioma
Javier Mercapide, Germana Rappa, Fabio Anzanello, et al.
Vol. 126, No. 5 (1 Mar 2010): 1206-1215

Infiltrating CD11b CD11c cells have the potential to mediate inducible nitric oxide synthase-dependent cell death in mammary carcinomas of HER-2/neu transgenic mice
Nirmala Parajuli, Elisabeth Müller-Holzner, Günther Böck, et al.
Vol. 126, No. 4 (15 Feb 2010): 896-908

Adeno-associated virus-delivered short hairpin-structured RNA for androgen receptor gene silencing induces tumor eradication of prostate cancer xenografts in nude mice: A preclinical study
Aijing Sun, Jianxi Tang, Paul F. Terranova, et al.
Vol. 126, No. 3 (1 Feb 2010): 764-774

Sp1 coordinately regulates de novo lipogenesis and proliferation in cancer cells
Suying Lu, Michael C. Archer
Vol. 126, No. 2 (15 Jan 2010): 416-425

Triptolide functions as a potent angiogenesis inhibitor
Ming-Fang He, Yi-Hsien Huang, Li-Wha Wu, et al.
Vol. 126, No. 1 (1 Jan 2010): 266-278