Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry

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Virtual Issues

First “SFIsotrace” meeting organized by the French Society of Stable Isotopes (Société Française des Isotopes Stables, SFIS) and the Isotrace workshop, held 8-12 September 2014 in Brest, France

This special issue of RCM contains a selection of 8 papers presented at the SFIsotrace meeting of the French Society of Stables Isotopes (Société Française des Isotopes Stables, SFIS) and the Isotrace workshop held on 8–12 September 2014 in Brest, France. The meeting was hosted by the Ifremer Laboratory at the premises of the Pole Spectrométrie Océan (PSO).

Isotopes and trace elements are useful tools to trace element and their cycling in the wide sea water ecosystem. These proxies can find a wide applications and developments in many ranges of domains, as the variety of topics covered in these papers illustrates well. The objective of this meeting was to provide the opportunity to scientists from various disciplines to share knowledge on isotopic concepts and trace elements measurements, and to help the cross-fertilization of very diverse domains of application.

About 120 participants from 27 laboratories took part, with 33 oral participations and 15 posters through six successive sessions over five days: Marine Biogeochemistry, Paleo-oceanography, Marine environment chemistry, Marine isotopic ecology, Deep sea geochemistry, Analytical developments. The last day was dedicated to two parallel short-courses, Paleo-oceanography presented by Bruno Malaizé (EPOC, Bordeaux) and Marine Biogeochemistry by Catherine Jeandel (LEGOS, Toulouse). The full program and the book of abstract are available from: http://www.pso-brest.org/Actualites/SFIsotrace-2014

Keynote lectures were presented by:

Matthieu Waelès (IUEM, Brest) :Importance des substances humiques dans la spéciation des éléments métalliques - Cu, Cd, Fe et Pb - en milieu estuarien: apports des méthodes électrochimiques et de l'ultrafiltration) ; Yves Cherel (La Rochelle University) : Stable isotopes document the fod and feeding ecology of top predators from the Southern Ocean) ; Laurie Reisberg (CRPG, Nancy) : L'analyse isotopique d'osmium et son application aux échantillons marins : où en sommes-nous aujourd'hui?) ; François Lacan (Legos, Toulouse) : L'apport des isotopes du fer pour l'étude des cycles biogéochimiques dans l'océan) ; Bruno Malaizé (EPOC, Bordeaux) : Les isotopes stables des carbonates en paléoclimatologie/paléo-océanographie).

All the conferences can be viewed online, and after 6 months over 1050 views were counted: http://www.pso-brest.org/Actualites/SFIsotrace-2014/Programme Emmanuel PONZEVERA Ifremer, Brest, France Luc Lambs Ecolab, Toulouse, France Franck Poitrasson GET, Toulouse, France, President SFIS www.sfis.eu


Milk isotopic values demonstrate that nursing fur seal pups are a full trophic level higher than their mothers

Effects of different water storage procedures on the dissolved Fe concentration and isotopic composition of chemically contrasted waters from the Amazon River Basin

Transient signal isotope analysis: validation of the method for isotope signal synchronization with the determination of amplifier first-order time constants

Effect of emersion/immersion cycles on the elemental and isotopic compositions of the organic matter from surface sediments of an intertidal mud bank (French Guiana): a preliminary study

Stable isotopes reveal spatial variability in the trophic structure of a macro-benthic invertebrate community in a tropical coral reef

Stream chemical dynamic and metal accumulation in a temperate watershed affected by agricultural practices (Penzé, NW France)

Development of laser ablation multi-collector inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry for boron isotopic measurement in marine biocarbonates: new improvements and application to a modern Porites cora

Water cycle and salinity dynamics in the mangrove forests of Europa and Juan de Nova Islands, southwest Indian Ocean


3rd Joint European Stable Isotope User Meeting (JESIUM)

Virtual Special Issue of the 3rd Joint European Stable Isotope Users Group Meeting (JESIUM) 2012, held in Leipzig, Germany
Gerhard Strauch and Matthias Gehre

Stable isotope probing of amino sugars – a promising tool to assess microbial interactions in soils
Samuel Bodé, Rubeca Fancy and Pascal Boeckx

First assessment of water and carbon cycles in two tropical coastal rivers of south-west India: an isotopic approach
M. Tripti, L. Lambs, T. Otto, G. P. Gurumurthy, R. Teisserenc, I. Moussa, K. Balakrishna and J. L. Probst

A novel oral tracer procedure for measurement of habitual myofibrillar protein synthesis
A. J. MacDonald, A. C. Small, C. A. Greig, H. Husi, J. A. Ross, N. A. Stephens, K. C. H. Fearon and T. Preston

Variability of 13C-labeling in plant leaves
Thanh Thuy Nguyen Tu, Philippe Biron, Kadmiel Maseyk, Patricia Richard, Bernd Zeller, Katell Quénéa, Marie Alexis, Gérard Bardoux, Véronique Vaury, Cyril Girardin, Valérie Pouteau, Daniel Billiou and Thierry Bariac