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From January-December 2006

Stem cell-based composite tissue constructs for regenerative medicine
Mohamed N. Rahaman, Jeremy J. Mao
Volume 91, Issue 3 , 2005

Chondrogenic differentiation of bovine bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in different hydrogels: Influence of collagen type II extracellular matrix on MSC chondrogenesis
Darko Bosnakovski, Morimichi Mizuno, Gonhyung Kim, Satoshi Takagi, Masahiro Okumura, Toru Fujinaga
Volume 93, Issue 6 , 2006

High-throughput process development for recombinant protein purification (Vol. 93, No. 4)
Kaushal Rege, Mike Pepsin, Brandy Falcon, Landon Steele, Meng Heng
Volume 93, Issue 4 , 2005

Toward an aggregated understanding of enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose: Noncomplexed cellulase systems
Yi-Heng Percival Zhang, Lee R. Lynd
Volume 88, Issue 7 , 2004

Nanoliter scale microbioreactor array for quantitative cell biology
Philip J. Lee, Paul J. Hung, Vivek M. Rao, Luke P. Lee
Volume 94, Issue 1 , 2005

Engineering mammalian cell factories for improved recombinant monoclonal antibody production: lessons from nature?
Diane M. Dinnis, David C. James
Volume 91, Issue 2 , 2005

Strategy for selection of methods for separation of bioparticles from particle mixtures
P. van Hee, M.A. Hoeben, R.G.J.M. van der Lans, L.A.M. van der Wielen
Volume 94, Issue 4 , 2006

BSA treatment to enhance enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose in lignin containing substrates
Bin Yang, Charles E. Wyman
Volume 94, Issue 4 , 2006

The effect of dissolved oxygen on the production and the glycosylation profile of recombinant human erythropoietin produced from CHO cells
Veronica Restelli, Ming-Dong Wang, Norman Huzel, Martin Ethier, Helene Perreault, Michael Butler
Volume 94, Issue 3 , 2006

Anaerobic fermentation of glycerol by Escherichia coli: A new platform for metabolic engineering
Yandi Dharmadi, Abhishek Murarka, Ramon Gonzalez
Volume 94, Issue 5 , 2006

Continuous perfusion microfluidic cell culture array for high-throughput cell-based assays
Paul J. Hung, Philip J. Lee, Poorya Sabounchi, Robert Lin, Luke P. Lee
Volume 89, Issue 1 , 2004

Serum-free large-scale transient transfection of CHO cells
Madiha Derouazi, Philippe Girard, FrŽdŽric Van Tilborgh, Keyvan Iglesias, Natalie Muller, Martin Bertschinger, Florian M. Wurm
Volume 87, Issue 4 , 2004

Expansion of human embryonic stem cells in defined serum-free medium devoid of animal-derived products
Yan Li, Sandra Powell, Elisa Brunette, Jane Lebkowski, Ramkumar Mandalam
Volume 91, Issue 6 , 2005

Engineering of Pichia pastoris for improved production of antibody fragments
Brigitte Gasser, Michael Maurer, Johannes Gach, Renate Kunert, Diethard Mattanovich
Volume 94, Issue 2 , 2006

Chemometrics and visible-near infrared spectroscopic monitoring of red wine fermentation in a pilot scale
Daniel Cozzolino, Mango Parker, Robert G. Dambergs, Markus Herderich, Mark Gishen
Volume 95, Issue 6 , 2006

Differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells into osteoblasts on honeycomb collagen scaffolds
Joseph George, Yoshinori Kuboki, Teruo Miyata
Volume 95, Issue 3 , 2006

The cold-shock response in cultured mammalian cells: Harnessing the response for the improvement of recombinant protein production
Mohamed B Al-Fageeh, Rosalyn J Marchant, Martin J Carden, C Mark Smales
Volume 93, Issue 5 , 2005

Bacterial polyhydroxyalkanoates
Sang Yup Lee
Volume 49, Issue 1 , 1996

Efficiency of embryoid body formation and hematopoietic development from embryonic stem cells in different culture systems
Stephen M. Dang, Michael Kyba , Rita Perlingeiro, George Q. Daley, Peter W. Zandstra
Volume 78, Issue 4 , 2002

Modeling product formation in anaerobic mixed culture fermentations
Jorge Rodr’guez, Robbert Kleerebezem, Juan M. Lema, Mark C.M. van Loosdrecht
Volume 93, Issue 3 , 2005

Effect of rpoS gene knockout on the metabolism of Escherichia coli during exponential growth phase and early stationary phase based on gene expressions, enzyme activities and intracellular metabolite concentrations
Mahbuba Rahman, Mohammad Rubayet Hasan, Takahiro Oba, Kazuyuki Shimizu
Volume 94, Issue 3 , 2006

.N. Lightfoot, J.S. Moscariello
Volume 87, Issue 3 , 2004

Structured model of influenza virus replication in MDCK cells
Y. Sidorenko, U. Reichl
Volume 88, Issue 1 , 2004

A functionally based model for hydrolysis of cellulose by fungal cellulase
Y.-H. Percival Zhang, Lee R. Lynd
Volume 94, Issue 5 , 2006

Stability of protein production from recombinant mammalian cells
Louise M. Barnes, Catherine M. Bentley, Alan J. Dickson
Volume 81, Issue 6 , 2003