X-Ray Spectrometry

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Development of a high-resolution confocal micro-XRF instrument equipped with a vacuum chamber

Nakazawa, T, Tsuji, K

Depth-selective elemental imaging of microSD card by confocal micro XRF analysis

Nakazawa, T, Tsuji, K

Solid-phase preconcentration and determination of mercury(II) using activated carbon in drinking water by X-ray fluorescence spectrometry

Aranda, PR, Colombo, L, Perino, E, De Vito, IE, Raba, J

Theoretical and experimental study on the angular dependence of scattering processes in X-ray fluorescence systems

Guerra, M, Manso, M, Pessanha, S, Longelin, S, Carvalho, ML

X-ray fluorescence analysis of Co, Ni, Pd, Ag, and Au in the scrapped printed-circuit-board ash

Hirokawa, Y, Shibata, Y, Konya, T, Koike, Y, Nakamura, T

Comparison between XRF, TXRF, and PXRF analyses for provenance classification of archaeological bricks

Bonizzoni, L, Galli, A, Gondola, M, Martini, M

Application of WDXRF in the provenance studies of Persian haft rang tiles: a statistical approach

Holakooei, P, Petrucci, FC, Tassinari, R, Vaccaro, C

Nondestructive analyses of carbonate rocks: applications and potentiality for museum materials

Barbera, G, Barone, G, Crupi, V, Longo, F, Majolino, D, Mazzoleni, P, Venuti, V

Synchrotron-induced EDXRF determination of uranium and thorium in mixed uranium-thorium oxide pellets

Misra, NL, Tiwari, MK, Kumar, SS, Dhara, S, Singh, AK, Lodha, GS, Deb, SK, Gupta, PD, Aggarwal, SK

Signal-to-noise ratios in forensic glass analysis by micro X-ray fluorescence spectrometry

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