X-Ray Spectrometry

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Energy dispersive X-ray diffraction and fluorescence portable system for cultural heritage applications

Cuevas, Ariadna Mendoza; Bernardini, Federico; Gianoncelli, Alessandra; et al.

High-lateral resolution X-ray fluorescence microspectroscopy and dynamic mathematical modelling as tools for the study of electrodeposited electrocatalysts
Gianoncelli, Alessandra; Sgura, Ivonne; Bocchetta, Patrizia; et al.

Examples of XRF and PIXE imaging with few microns resolution using SLcam (R) a color X-ray camera

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Structural properties and chemical bonds in double metal cyanide catalysts
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Fundamental parameters of Zr and Ti for a reliable quantitative X-ray fluorescence analysis
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Total reflection x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy to study pb and zn accumulation in zebrafish embryos
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Assessment of teeth elemental content using mu-EDXRF: effects by in-office and at-home bleaching products
Silveira, J.; Godinho, J.; Mata, A.; et al.

Study of absorption parameters around the K edge for selected compounds of Gd
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Bronze Age and Iron Age gold torcs and earrings from the Iberian Atlantic facade: a non-invasive multi-analytical approach to the characterisation of the alloys and the corrosion
Guerra, Maria Filomena; Tissot, Isabel

X-ray powder diffraction study of chalcopyrite-type Cd1-xMnxGeAs2 crystals
Dynowska, E.; Kilanski, L.; Paszkowicz, W.; et al.