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Edited By: Jean de Vellis

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Vasoactive Intestinal peptide modulates c-Fos activity in the trigeminal nucleus and dura mater mast cells in sympathectomized rats
Erkan Kilinc, Tülin Firat, Fatma Tore, Aysu Kiyan, Aysel Kukner, and Nese Tunçel

Glutamate protects neuromuscular junctions from deleterious effects of β-amyloid peptide and conversely: An in vitro study in a nerve–muscle coculture
Maud Combes, Philippe Poindron, and Noelle Callizot

A rodent model of mild traumatic brain blast injury
J.R. Perez-Polo, H.C. Rea, K.M. Johnson, M.A. Parsley, G.C. Unabia, G.-Y. Xu, D. Prough, D.S. DeWitt, H. Spratt, and C.E. Hulsebosch

Reduced cerebellar neurodegeneration after combined therapy with cyclodextrin/allopregnanolone and miglustat in NPC1: A mouse model of Niemann-Pick Type C1 Disease
Fabian Maass, Jana Petersen, Marina Hovakimyan, Oliver Schmitt, Martin Witt, Alexander Hawlitschka, Jan Lukas, Arndt Rolfs, and Andreas Wree

Alternative role of HuD splicing variants in neuronal differentiation
Satoru Hayashi, Masato Yano, Mana Igarashi, Hirotaka James Okano, and Hideyuki Okano

Unique molecular signatures of Alzheimer's disease amyloid β peptide mutations and deletion during aggregate/oligomer/fibril formation
Joseph F Poduslo and Kyle G Howell

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