Journal of Raman Spectroscopy

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Layer-dependent resonant Raman scattering of a few layer MoS2
Chakraborty, Biswanath; Matte, H. S. S. Ramakrishna; Sood, A. K.; Rao, C. N. R

Large-area Ag nanorod array substrates for SERS: AAO template-assisted fabrication, functionalization, and application in detection PCBs
Huang, Zhulin; Meng, Guowen; Huang, Qing; Chen, Bin; Zhu, Chuhong; Zhang, Zhuo

Spectral characterization and intracellular detection of Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS)-encoded plasmonic gold nanostars
Yuan, Hsiangkuo; Fales, Andrew M.; Khoury, Christopher G.; Liu, Jesse; Vo-Dinh, Tuan

SERS detection of red organic dyes in Ag-agar gel Lofrumento,
Cristiana; Ricci, Marilena; Platania, Elena; Becucci, Maurizio; Castellucci, Emilio

Raman spectroscopy of proteins: a review
Rygula, A.; Majzner, K.; Marzec, K. M.; Kaczor, A.; Pilarczyk, M.; Baranska, M.

A new-type dynamic SERS method for ultrasensitive detection
Qian, Kai; Yang, Liangbao; Li, Zhiyuan; Liu, Jinhuai

Connection between the vibrational dynamics and the cross-linking properties in cyclodextrins-based polymers
Crupi, Vincenza; Fontana, Aldo; Giarola, Marco; Majolino, Domenico; Mariotto, Gino; Mele, Andrea;

The thermal stability of graphene in air investigated by Raman spectroscopy
Melone, Lucio; Punta, Carlo; Rossi, Barbara; Trotta, Francesco; Venuti, Valentina

Trace level detection and identification of nitro-based explosives by surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Nan, Hai Yan; Ni, Zhen Hua; Wang, Jun; Zafar, Zainab; Shi, Zhi Xiang; Wang, Ying Ying

Use of a handheld Raman spectrometer for fast screening of microbial pigments in cultures of halophilic microorganisms and in microbial communities in hypersaline environments in nature
Botti, S.; Almaviva, S.; Cantarini, L.; Palucci, A.; Puiu, A.; Rufoloni, A. Jehlicka, J.; Oren, A.