Journal of Clinical Psychology

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Edited By: Timothy R. Elliott (Editor) and Barry A. Farber (In Session)

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Journal of Clinical Psychology is devoted to research, assessment, and practice.

A Pilot Study and Randomized Controlled Trial of the Mindful Self-Compassion Program
Kristin D. Neff, Christopher K. Germer
Volume 69: Issue 1

Mechanisms of Mindfulness
Shauna L. Shapiro, Linda E. Carlson, John A. Astin, Benedict Freedman
Volume 62: Issue 3

Anxiety Disorders and the Quality of Relationships with Friends, Relatives, and Romantic Partners
Jacob B. Priest
Volume 69: Issue 1

Effectiveness and Feasibility of A Cognitive-Behavioral Group Intervention for Body Image Disturbance in Women with Eating Disorders
Kelly A.C. Bhatnagar, Lucene Wisniewski, Mindy Solomon, Leslie Heinberg
Volume 69: Issue 1

Effects of Participation in A Mindfulness Program for Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study
David J. Kearney, Kelly McDermott, Carol Malte, Michelle Martinez, Tracy L. Simpson
Volume 69: Issue 1

In Session, a branch of the Journal of Clinical Psychology, focuses on the clinical challenges confronting psychotherapists, in the form of either a distinct patient population or a therapeutic dilemma.

Stages of Change
John C. Norcross, Paul M. Krebs, James O. Prochaska
Volume 67: Issue 2

Enhancing Well-Being and Alleviating Depressive Symptoms with Positive Psychology Interventions: A Practice-Friendly Meta-Analysis
Nancy L. Sin, Sonja Lyubomirsky
Volume 65: Issue 5

Poverty and Mental Health: How Do Low-Income Adults and Children Fare in Psychotherapy?
Catherine DeCarlo Santiago, Stacey Kaltman, Jeanne Miranda
Volume 69: Issue 2

Children, Technology, Problems, and Preferences
Barry A. Farber, Gavin Shafron, Jaleh Hamadani, Emily Wald, George Nitzburg
Volume 68: Issue 11

Cognitive-Behavioral Approaches to Outpatient Treatment of Internet Addiction in Children and Adolescents
Daniel L. King, Paul H. Delfabbro, Mark D. Griffiths, Michael Gradisar
Volume 68: Issue 11