Journal of Morphology

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Edited By: J. Matthias Starck

Online ISSN: 1097-4687

Reinhard Rieger Award

The Reinhard Rieger Award is given in memory of the zoologist Reinhard Rieger. This annual prize recognizes outstanding research in the field of zoomorphology. Read the attached for more information and regulations regarding the award.

2015 Awardees
Elisabeth Lipke, Martín J. Ramírez and Peter Michalik (2014) Ultrastructure of spermatozoa orsolobidae haplogynae araneae with implications on the evolution sperm transfer forms in dysderoidea. Journal of Morphology 275:1238-1257.

2015 Awardees
Theodore A. Uyeno and William M. Kier (2014) The structure and function of a muscle articulation-type jaw joint polychaete worm . Journal of Morphology 276:403-414.

2014 Awardees
Jonas Keiler, Stefan Richter and Christian S. Wirkner (2013) Evolutionary morphology of the hemolymph vascular system in hermit and king crabs (Crustacea: Decapoda: Anomala). Journal of Morphology 274:759-778.

2013 Awardees
Sarah Longo, Mark Riccio and Amy R McCune (2013) Homology of lungs and gas bladders: Insights from arterial vasculatureDoryteuthis plei (Mollusca: Cephalopoda). Journal of Morphology 274:687–703.

2012 Awardee
José Eduardo A.R. Marian (2012) Spermatophoric reaction reappraised: Novel insights into the functioning of the loliginid spermatophore based on Doryteuthis plei (Mollusca: Cephalopoda). Journal of Morphology 273:248–278.

2011 Awardee
Birgen H. Rothe, Andreas Schmidt-Rhaesa, Alexander Kieneke (2011) The nervous system of Neodasys chaetonotoideus (Gastrotricha: Neodasys) revealed by combining confocal laserscanning and transmission electron microscopy: evolutionary comparison of neuroanatomy within the Gastrotricha and basal Protostomia. Zoomorphology 130:51–84.

2010 Awardee
Schnell, N. K., Britz, R. and Johnson, G. D. (2010) New insights into the complex structure and ontogeny of the occipito-vertebral gap in barbeled dragonfishes (Stomiidae, Teleostei). Journal of Morphology 271: 1006–1022.

2008 Awardee
Worsaae, K. and Rouse, G.W. (2008) Is Diurodrilus an annelid?. Journal of Morphology 269: 1426–1455.