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Call for Papers: Special Issue in Medical Complications in Eating Disorders

The IJED Editorial Team is proud to announce the development of a special issue of IJED focused on medical issues and complications in eating disorders. The special issue will be co-edited by Drs. Philip Mehler and Guido Frank. It is our goal to develop an IJED issue that comprehensively covers medical issues across the eating disorders. Each paper should be a systematic review of the literature and strictly evidence based. This will ensure that each manuscript will have the most impact on the literature and clinical practice, and we expect that the articles will be highly cited. We are inviting papers that cover the following topics:

Bulimia Nervosa (3 articles)
1. Electrolyte disorder, phenomenology and treatment, “what to do and what not do”
2. The body systems (including dental complications) affected by the three main modes of purging
3. Detoxing from laxatives and other purging behaviors

Binge Eating Disorder (1 article)
1. Medical complications, including gastric bypass

Anorexia Nervosa (4 articles)
1. State of the art paper on bone disease
2. Cardiac problems
3. Gastrointestinal complications
4. Approach to re-feeding / nutritional rehabilitation

Rare origins or complications of eating disorders (1 article)

Obstetric and Gynecological problems associated with eating disorders (1 article)

We would like each article to become an authoritative contribution to the literature and be a highly valuable resource for any interested clinician.

All submissions are due by May 1, 2015.

Submitted papers will undergo the usual IJED peer-review process and should follow the IJED guidelines for Critical Analysis and Synthesis/Review papers. The Special Issue will be published in Fall 2015. Papers should be submitted via the IJED website using the on-line portal system: Authors should indicate that the paper is being submitted for the Medical Complications in Eating Disorders Special Issue by selecting this option from the Special Issue dropdown menu when submitting their paper. Inquiries and questions can be directed to any of the issue co-editors Dr. Philip Mehler ( or Dr. Guido Frank (

We look forward to receiving your submission.