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Prenatal phthalate exposure, infant growth, and global DNA methylation of human placenta
by Yan Zhao, Hui-jing Shi, Chang-ming Xie, Jiao Chen, Hannah Laue, and Yun-hui Zhang

Derivation of point of departure (PoD) estimates in genetic toxicology studies and their potential applications in risk assessment
G. E. Johnson et al.

Silver ions enhance UVB-induced phosphorylation of histone H2AX
Xiaoxu Zhao et al.

Mechanisms of chromosomal instability in melanoma
William K. Kaufmann et al.

Quantitative dose–response analysis of ethyl methanesulfonate genotoxicity in adult gpt-delta transgenic mice
Xuefei Cao et al.

Unveiling Benznidazole's mechanism of action through overexpression of DNA repair proteins in Trypanosoma cruzi
Matheus Andrade Rajão et al.

Prenatal arsenic exposure and the epigenome: Altered microRNAs associated with innate and adaptive immune signaling in newborn cord blood
Julia E. Rager et al.

Genotoxicity of doxorubicin in F344 rats by combining the comet assay, flow-cytometric peripheral blood micronucleus test, and pathway-focused gene expression profiling
Mugimane G. Manjanatha et al

Copy number variants are produced in response to low-dose ionizing radiation in cultured cells
Martin F. Arlt et al

The Holy Grail in Genetic Toxicology: Follow-Up Approaches for Positive Results in the Ames Assay
Marilyn J. Aardema

Omics in population studies: A molecular epidemiology perspective
Stefano Bonassi, Emanuela Taioli & Roel Vermeulen

Aberrant DNA methylation of miR-219 promoter in long-term night shiftworkers
Fengqin Sh et al

Catalase has a key role in protecting cells from the genotoxic effects of monomethylarsonous acid: A highly active metabolite of arsenic
Jorge G. Muñiz Ortiz et al

The pesticide dichlorvos disrupts mitotic division by delocalizing the kinesin Kif2a from centrosomes
Mario Fiore et al

Building on the past, shaping the future: The environmental mutagenesis and genomics society
Thomas E. Wilson et al

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2012 Alexander Hollaender Award
The Environmental Mutagenesis and Genomics Society conferred the 2012 Alexander Hollaender Award to Dr. Marilyn J. Aardema for her outstanding contributions to environmental mutagen research and for global leadership in applied genetic toxicology. Her work embodies the Alexander Hollaender award's goal of recognizing outstanding contributions in the application of the principles and techniques of environmental mutagenesis to protect human health.
Dr. Aardema's latest commentary, The holy grail in genetic toxicology: Follow-up approaches for positive results in the Ames assay, is now available free to read online or download.

2012 EMGS Award
The Environmental Mutagenesis and Genomics Society conferred the 2012 EMGS Award to Dr. Susan S. Wallace for her fundamental studies on DNA damage repair caused by environmental agents and for exemplary leadership in science.
Dr. Wallace's latest review, DNA glycosylases search for and remove oxidized DNA bases, is now available free to read online or download.

New Special Issue: The Impact of Environmental Exposure on the Epigenome - free to read and download - more details.

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Brand New Special Issue:
The Impact of Environmental Exposure on the Epigenome

Environmental exposures contribute to many diseases in part by causing epigenetic changes. The field of epigenetics is undergoing significant advancements in technology and methodology. The April 2014 Special Issue of Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis highlights these advancements through reviews, commentaries and original research articles that discuss and demonstrate current approaches utilized to examine epigenetic changes caused by environmental exposures. The issue highlights the use of genome-wide and quantitative site-specific techniques that allow for the study of more data points resulting in improved statistical significance and pathway analysis. The issue also features the use of several human cohorts and mouse studies that allow for correlation of levels of specific epigenetic marks with maternal or personal exposure levels. The understanding of what epigenetic changes occur in response to exposure, when and where they occur and how to monitor them will ultimately allow for the development of biomarkers of exposure and a greater understanding of how exposure causes disease, which will potentially lead to improvements in prevention and treatment.

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