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What Students Say Versus What They Do Regarding Scientific Inquiry
Irene Y. Salter, Leslie J. Atkins
Volume 98, Issue 1 (2014)

Becoming a scientist: The role of undergraduate research in students' cognitive, personal, and professional development
Anne-Barrie Hunter, Sandra L. Laursen and Elaine Seymour
Volume 91, Issue 1 (2007)

Stereotypic images of the scientist: The draw-a-scientist test
David Wade Chambers
Volume 67, Issue 2 (1983)

Conceptualizing the Science Curriculum: 40 Years of Developing Assessment Frameworksin Three Large-Scale Assessments
Per Morten Kind
Volume 97, Issue 5 (2013)

Toward a Theory of Experience
Wolff-Michael Roth and Alfredo Jornet
Volume 98, Issue 1 (2014)

Focus on...Epistemology
John L. Rudolph
Volume 98, Issue 3

I am very pleased to introduce the new "Focus" feature of the Issues and Trends section of the journal. The goal of this feature, which will appear from time to time, is to solicit from a range of scholars a set of "thought pieces" about some topic or idea that will contribute to the advancement of thinking and research in science education. These pieces might accomplish this by offering conceptual clarity, examining a concept or issue in a new light or from a different disciplinary perspective, problematizing a long-established conceptual construct, reflecting on how some topic has changed over time, or in any number of other ways. READ MORE

What's In a Name?: Epistemology, "Epistemology," and Science Education
Harvey Siegel

A Pragmatic Approach on Epistemology, Teaching, and Learning
Leif Östman, Per-Olof Wickman

Science Education's Need for a Theory of Epistemological Development
William Sandoval

Epistemology of Science vs. Epistemology for Science
Rosemary S. Russ