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Edited By: Henrique von Gersdorff

Impact Factor: 2.132

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2016: 182/258 (Neurosciences)

Online ISSN: 1098-2396

Virtual Issue-Synaptic Transmission

Hippocampal mossy fiber long-term depression in Grm2/3 double knockout mice
Louisa Lyon, Melodie Borel, Miriam CarriÓn, James N.C. Kew4, Corrado Corti, Paul J. Harrison, Philip W.J. Burnet, Ole Paulsen, Antonio RodrÍGuez-Moreno

Bidirectional synaptic plasticity induced by conditioned stimulations with different number of pulse at hippocampal CA1 synapses: Roles ofN-methyl-D-aspartate and metabotropic glutamate receptors
Jui-Cheng Hsu, Sin-Jhong Cheng, Hsiu-Wen Yang, Hui-Ju Wang, Tsai-Hsien Chiu, Ming-Yuan Min, Yi-Wen Lin

Differential long-term depression in CA3 but not in dentate gyrus following low-frequency stimulation of the medial perforant path
Thomas K. Fung, Pascal Peloquin, Kun Wu, L. Stan Leung

Glycine receptor internalization by protein kinases activation
Miguel ángel Velázquez-Flores, Rocío Salceda

Miniature release events of glutamate from hippocampal neurons are influenced by the dystonia-associated protein torsinA
Yasuhiro Kakazu, Jin-Young Koh, Sadahiro Iwabuchi, Pedro Gonzalez-Alegre, N. Charles Harata

Role of perisynaptic parameters in neurotransmitter homeostasis—Computational study of a general synapse
Sandeep Pendyam, Ashwin Mohan, Peter W. Kalivas, Satish S. Nair

Synaptic vesicles in motor synapses change size and distribution during the day
Santiago Ruiz, Maria Jose Ferreiro, Gabriela Casanova, Alvaro Olivera, Rafael Cantera

Transient increases in dendritic spine density contribute to dentate gyrus long-term potentiation
Marlena Wosiski-Kuhn, Alexis M. Stranahan

Quantitative study of aluminum-induced changes in synaptic ultrastructure in rats
Yuhong Jing, Ziren Wang, Yanfeng Song

Synaptic vesicle recycling is enhanced by torsinA that harbors the DYT1 dystonia mutation
Yasuhiro Kakazu, Jin-Young Koh, K. W. David Ho, Pedro Gonzalez-Alegre, N. Charles Harata

Structure/function assessment of synapses at motor nerve terminals
Yasuhiro Kakazu, Jin-Young Koh, K. W. David Ho, Pedro Gonzalez-Alegre, N. Charles Harata

Selective perturbation of the BAR domain of endophilin impairs synaptic vesicle endocytosis
Fredrik Andersson, Peter Löw, Lennart Brodin

Osthole or imperatorin-mediated facilitation of glutamate release is associated with a synaptic vesicle mobilization in rat hippocampal glutamatergic nerve endings
Tzu-Yu Lin, Cheng-Wei Lu, Wei-Jan Huang, Su-Jane Wang

Hippocampal LTP triggers proteasome-mediated SPAR degradation in CA1 neurons
Ying Chen, Pingan Yuanxiang, Thomas Knöpfel, Ulrich Thomas, Thomas Behnisch