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Virtual Issues

Virtual Issues from Research in Nursing & Health

Research from Australia & New Zealand,

Published: 01 Sep 2011

Edited By: Denise Polit

Introduction: Nursing research 'Down Under' is blossoming. Nurse researchers in Australia and New Zealand are making key contributions to evidence for nursing practice, and both the quantity and caliber of their products are growing at phenomenal rates. The quality and strength of nursing research in Australia was recently recognized in the Australian Research Council's Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) 2010 National Report, released in early 2011. The ERA exercise, an Australian Government initiative to assess the research quality of Australia's universities against world benchmarks, indicated that the quality of Australian nursing research is 'on par' and often better than many international counterparts. Research in Nursing & Health (RINAH) has published several important articles by nurse researchers on the other side of the pond, including the eight papers in this virtual issue that were published between 2007 and 2011. Of note, two of these papers won RINAH Best Paper awards, one in 2010 (winner for international article) and the other in 2011 (winner for research methods). We hope these articles will help you to appreciate the diversity and richness of research activity being undertaken in Australia and New Zealand.

The influence of adult behaviors on child coping during venipuncture: A sequential analysis
Christine Taylor, Ken Sellick and Ken Greenwood

A modified hermeneutic phenomenological approach with individuals who have autism
Claire Newman, Andrew Cashin and Cheryl D. Waters

Intention-to-Treat in Randomized Controlled Trials: Recommendations for a Total Trial Approach
Denise F. Polit and Brigid M. Gillespie

Multivariate methods to identify cancer-related symptom clusters
Helen M. Skerman, Patsy M. Yates and Diana Battistutta

A Survey of Hong Kong Nurses' Perceptions of the Barriers to and Facilitators of Research Utilization
Janita P.C. Chau, Violeta Lopez and David R. Thompson

English-Language Acculturation Predicts Academic Performance in Nursing Students who Speak English as a Second Language
Yenna Salamonson, Bronwyn Everett, Jane Koch, Sharon Andrew and Patricia M. Davidson

Development of an instrument to assess perceived self-efficacy in the parents of infants
Rudi Črnčec, Bryanne Barnett and Stephen Matthey

Staff-family relationships in the care of older people: A report on a systematic review
Emily Haesler, Michael Bauer and Rhonda Nay

Virtual Issues from Research in Nursing & Health

Helpful Editorial Hints for Getting Published,

Published: 24 Sep 2010

Edited By: Judith Gedney Baggs

Introduction: Scholars generally seek access to articles online, but they miss editorials, which provide guidance on getting published. In this issue are multiple editorials from Research in Nursing & Health published between 2004 and 2010. We hope they will be helpful.

October 2010. When R&R is not Rest & Recovery But Revise & Resubmit
Linda H. Bearinger, Lindsay Taliaferro, and Barbara Given

April 2010. Through the Looking Glass: Publishing in a Journal in Another Language or Another Country
Judith Gedney Baggs

February 2010. Getting it Right
Margarete J. Sandelowski

June 2009. Thoughts on the End of the Article: The Implications for Nursing Practice
Patricia T. Becker

December 2008. Polishing Your Shot at the Bull's Eye: The 'Please Do' List
Robin D. Froman

October 2008. Hitting the Bull's Eye Rather Than Shooting Yourself Between the Eyes
Robin D. Froman

August 2008. Issues and Rules for Authors Concerning Authorship Versus Acknowledgements, Dual Publication, Self Plagiarism, and Salami Publishing
Judith Gedney Baggs

February 2008. Publishing Pilot Intervention Studies
Patricia T. Becker

April 2007. Words That Should Be Seen But Not Written
Margarete J. Sandelowski

October 2006. Divide and Conquer: Avoiding Duplication in the Reporting of Qualitative Research
Margarete J. Sandelowski

October 2005. Conceptual Frameworks: Issues for Manuscript Review and the Dissemination of Research Findings
Patricia T. Becker

October 2004. Research for Nursing Practice: What Do We Tell Practitioners About Nursing Interventions?
Barbara Given and Charles W. Given

Virtual Issues from Research in Nursing & Health

Advances in Nursing Health Services Research,

Published: 18 Sep 2010

Edited By: Bonnie Mowinski Jennings

Introduction: In this issue, we compiled articles published between 2002 and 2010 in Research in Nursing & Health that feature the work of investigators in the field of Nursing Health Services Research. We hope you are able to use them to guide your improvements in nursing practice, patient care, and research.

August 2008. Nurse Dose: What's in a Concept?
Milisa Manojlovich & Souraya Sidani

February 2009. Intervention Research in Highly Unstable Environments
Kathleen C. Buckwalter, Margaret Grey, Barbara Bowers, Ann Marie McCarthy, Deborah Gross, Marjorie Funk, & Cornelia Beck

April 2009. Accurate Assessment of Clinical Nurses' Work Environments: Response Rate Needed
Marlene Kramer, Claudia Schmalenberg, Barbara B. Brewer, Joyce A. Verran, & Jan Keller-Unger

August 2010. Quality Nursing Care for Hospitalized Patients with Advanced Illness: Concept Development
Shigeko Izumi, Judith G. Baggs, & Kathleen A. Knafl

August 2010. Understanding Clinical Expertise: Nurse Education, Experience, and the Hospital Context
Matthew D. McHugh & Eileen T. Lake

April 2009. Development of the Hospital Nurse Surveillance Capacity Profile
Ann Kutney-Lee, Eileen T. Lake, & Linda H. Aiken

August 2007. A Meta-Analysis of Studies of Nurses' Job Satisfaction
George A. Zangaro & Karen L. Soeken

June 2002. Development of the Practice Environment Scale of the Nursing Work Index
Eileen T. Lake

February 2010. Adding a Nursing Information Technology Subscale to the Practice Environment Scale of the Nursing Work Index
Oyweda W. Moorer, Mark Meterko, Anna C. Alt-White, & Jennifer L. Sullivan

August 2002. Measuring the Hospital Practice Environment: A Canadian Context
Carole A. Estabrooks, Ann E. Tourangeau, Charles K. Humphrey, Kathryn L. Hesketh, Phyllis Giovannetti, Donna Thomson, Jennifer Wong, Sonia Acorn, Heather Clarke, & Judith Shamian

February 2007. Measuring Nurses' Practice Environments With the Revised Nursing Work Index: Evidence From Registered Nurses in the Veterans Health Administration
Yu-Fang Li, Eileen T. Lake, Anne E. Sales, Nancy D. Sharp, Gwendolyn T. Greiner, Elliott Lowy, Chuan-Fen Liu, Pamela H. Mitchell, & Julie A. Sochalski

February 2009. Relationships Between Patient-Centered Cancer Nursing Interventions and Desired Health Outcomes in the Context of the Health Care System
Laurel E. Radwin, Howard J. Cabral, & Gail Wilkes

June 2009. Organizational Influences on Patient Perceptions of Symptom Management
Cynthia Thornton Bacon, Linda C. Hughes, & Barbara A. Mark

February 2009. Nurse Staffing and Medication Errors: Cross-Sectional or Longitudinal Relationships?
Barbara A. Mark & Michael Belyea

October 2010. Patient Falls: Association with Hospital Magnet Status and Nursing Unit Staffing
Eileen Lake, Jingjing Shang, Susan Klaus, & Nancy E. Dunton

February 2010. Nurse Staffing and Post-Surgical Complications Using the Present on Admission Indicator
Barbara A. Mark & David W. Harless

February 2009. Measuring Satisfaction With Nursing Care Among Hospitalized Patients: Refinement of a Spanish Version
Jean W. Lange & Elaine Yellen

August 2010. Nurse Burnout and Quality of Care: Cross-National Investigation in Six Countries
Lusine Poghosyan, Sean P. Clarke, Mary Finlayson, & Linda H. Aiken

April 2010. Organizational Determinants of Work Outcomes and Quality Care Ratings Among Army Medical Department Registered Nurses
Patricia A. Patrician, Jingjing Shang, & Eileen T. Lake

Virtual Issues from Research in Nursing & Health

A Compendium of Frequently Cited Articles on Quantitative Methods

Published: 31 Jul 2009

Introduction: This is the second virtual issue of Research in Nursing & Health. It contains the eleven most frequently cited quantitative articles and one editorial from our journal's archives. The themes in this compendium are: instrument development methods, statistical analysis decisions, and intervention studies. Taken in total they provide an excellent reference for those interested in measurement, statistical decision making, and the planning and framing of intervention articles. We hope you find them accessible in this format and informative to your research and scholarship. To read the complete editorial introduction to this virtual issue click here.

Publishing pilot intervention studies
Becker, P.T.

Mediator and moderator variables in nursing research: conceptual and statistical differences
Bennett, J.A.

Designing effective nursing interventions
Conn, V. S., Rantz, M. J., Wipke-Tevis, D. D., & Maas, M. L.

Handling missing data in self-report measures
Fox-Wasylyshyn, S. M. & El-Masri, M. M.

Selection and use of content experts for instrument development
Grant, J. S. & Davis, L. L.

Considerations in determining sample size for pilot studies
Hertzog, M. A.

Patient-centered interventions
Lauver, D. R., Ward, S. E., Heidrich, S. M., Keller, M. L., Bowers, B. J, Brennan, P. F., Kirchhoff, K. T. & Wells, T. J

Cultural differences in responses to a Likert scale
Lee, J. W., Jones, P. S., Mineyama, Y. & Zhang, X. E.

Uses and abuses of the analysis of covariance
Owen, S. V. & Froman, R. D.

Why carve up your continuous data?
Owen, S. V. & Froman, R. D.

The content validity index: Are you sure you know what's being reported? critique and recommendations
Polit, D. F. & Beck, C. T.

Is the CVI an acceptable indicator of content validity? Appraisal and recommendations
Polit, D. F., Beck, C. T. & Owen, S. V.

Virtual Issues from Research in Nursing & Health

A Compendium of Frequently Cited Articles on Qualitative Methods

Published: 13 Feb 2009

Introduction: We are pleased to introduce the first virtual compendium of the most read articles and editorials on qualitative methods in Research in Nursing & Health. Although they cover a range of topics, 10 of these 14 papers show the growing concern over the last two decades with enhancing the utilization value of qualitative research. The editors of Research in Nursing & Health are proud to be able to bring this compendium of excellent qualitative methods papers to you in this convenient format. We hope you enjoy it and find it useful. To read the complete editorial introduction to this virtual issue click here.

Qualitative meta-synthesis: Issues and techniques
Sandelowski, M., Docherty, S., & Emden, C.

Interpretive description: A noncategorical qualitative alternative for developing nursing knowledge
Thorne, S., Kirkham, S. R., & MacDonald-Emes, J.

Writing a good read: Strategies for re-presenting qualitative data
Sandelowski, M.

Interviewing children
Docherty, S., & Sandelowski, M.

Combining qualitative and quantitative sampling, data collection and analysis techniques in mixed-method studies
Sandelowski, M.

Whatever happened to qualitative description?
Sandelowski, M.

Levels and applications of qualitative research evidence
Kearney, M. H

Real qualitative researchers do not count: The use of numbers in qualitative research
Sandelowski, M.

Qualitative research contribution to a randomized clinical trial
Schumacher, K. L., Koresawa, S., West, C., Dodd, M., Paul, S. M., Tripathy, D., et al.

Using qualitative metasummary to synthesize qualitative and quantitative descriptive findings
Sandelowski, M., Barroso, J., & Voils, C. I.

Words that should be seen but not written
Sandelowski, M.

Translational research: Essential contributions from interpretive nursing science
Chesla, C. A

Is there a bias against telephone interviews in qualitative research?
Novick, G.

Justifying qualitative research
Sandelowski, M.