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Edited By: Kai Chang

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RF & Microwave Wireless and Applications,

Published: 22 Feb 2010

Edited By: Kai Chang

Design of a multiantenna structure for WCDMA and Wibro MIMO systems using ENG-ZOR unit cells
Jeongpyo Kim, Jaehoon Choi

Isolation improvement of 2.4/5.2/5.8 GHz WLAN internal laptop computer antennas using dual-band strip resonator as a wavetrap
Ting-Wei Kang, Kin-Lu Wong

Nanoelectromechanical switches for reconfigurable antennas
Bedri A. Cetiner, Necmi Biyikli, Bahadir S. Yildirim, Yasin Damgaci

A high temperature superconducting quasi-elliptic notch filter for radioastronomy
Alonso Corona-Chavez, Ignacio Llamas-Garro, Michael J. Lancaster

Design of an on-glass vehicle antenna using a multiloop structure
Seungbeom Ahn, Seulgi Park, Yongho Noh, Dongwook Park, Hosung Choo

X-band high-power amplifier with a magnetically coupled power-combiner
Kyung-Ai Lee, Changkun Park, Jong-Hoon Chun, Songcheol Hong

A 0.6-V low-power armstrong VCO in 0.18µm CMOS
Cheng-Chen Liu, Sheng-Lyang Jang, Jhao-Jhang Chen, Miin-Horng Juang

Ultra-wideband planar monopole antenna with dual stopbands
Fangfang Fan, Zehong Yan, Tianling Zhang, Yue Song

A low-power CMOS dual-band RF receiver for IEEE 802.15.4-based sensor node applications
Trung-Kien Nguyen, Hoyong Kang, Nae-Soo Kim, Cheol-Sig Pyo

A ring monopole antenna for UWB application
Jin-Xiang Xiao, Mei-Fang Wang, Guo-Jian Li

Harmonic-suppressing bandpass filter based on coupled triangular open-loop stepped-impedance resonators
Kuo-Sheng Chin, Deng-Jun Chen

Multitunable microwave system for touchless heartbeat detection and heart rate variability extraction
Dany Obeid, Sawsan Sadek, Gheorghe Zaharia, Ghaïs El Zein

A novel ultra-wideband frequency planar notch-filter antenna
C. Gómez-Calero, B. TahaAhmed, R. Martínez

Microstrip ring resonator bandpass filters using ceramic substrate
Yuan-Bin Chen, Cheng-Liang Huang, Shih-Sheng Liu, Shih-Hung Lin

Improved selectivity compact band-stop filter with Gosper fractal-shaped defected ground structures
M. Smierzchalski, P. Kurgan, M. Kitlinski

3.1-10.6 GHz ultra-wideband RF receiver in 0.18µm CMOS technology
Hwann-Kaeo Chiou, Hsien-Jui Chen

Simple small-size coupled-fed uniplanar PIFA for multiband clamshell mobile phone application
Ting-Wei Kang, Kin-Lu Wong

Investigation of radiating jeans-button antennas
J. M. Floc'h, F. Queudet, H. Rmili, E. Fourn

Triple-band dual rectangular ring printed monopole antenna for WLAN/WiMAX applications
Qiu-Yi Zhang, Qing-Xin Chu

Low-cost active transceiver for WLAN applications
N. Amar, A. Tazón, J. A. García, L. Cabria, J. Rodriguez-Tellez

A modified two-strip monopole antenna for WiFi and WiMAX applications
Kwok L. Chung, T. H. Mak, W. Y. Tam

Compact directional antenna for ultra wideband microwave imaging system
A. M. Abbosh, M. E. Bialkowski

Parallelized multilevel characteristic basis function method for solving electromagnetic scattering problems
Jaime Laviada, Marcos R. Pino, Raj Mittra, Fernando Las-Heras

Toward a 60-GHz wireless, low-power, high-throughput memory access system
Daniel Guidotti, Arshad Chowdhury, Hung-Chang Chien, Shu-Hao Fan, Gee-Kung Chang

Neuromodeling stop band properties of Koch Island patch elements for FSS filter design
R. M. S. Cruz, P. H. da F. Silva, A. G. d'Assunção

Hex-band antenna for slim handheld device applications
Shirook M. Ali, Houssam Kanj

Polymeric ferrite-loaded antennas for on-body communications
T. Alves, R. Augustine, P. Quéffélec, M. Grzeskowiak, B. Poussot, J.-M. Laheurte

UWB bandpass filters using short-circuited shunt stub-embedded multiple-mode resonators
Sai Wai Wong, Lei Zhu

Precise frequency and bandwidth control of microstrip switchable bandstop filters
Zabdiel Brito-Brito, Ignacio Llamas-Garro, Lluis Pradell

A micromachined SiGe HBT ultra-wideband low-noise amplifier by BiCMOS compatible ICP deep-trench technology
Pen-Li Huang, Yu-Tso Lin, Tao Wang, Yo-Sheng Lin, Shey-Shi Lu

Coplanar waveguide fed taper arc slot antenna for microwave imaging and ultra wide band applications
I. Hossain, S. Noghanian, L. Shafai, S. Pistorius

A low-power CMOS receiver for wireless sensor networks
Yen-Jen Chen, Yu-Tso Lin, Fang-Ren Liao, Hsiao-Chin Chen, Shey-Shi Lu

Coupling-fed circular-patch antenna for on-body communication system
Da Ma, Wenxun X. Zhang

Signal reshaping in a transmission line with negative group velocity behavior
Giuseppina Monti, Luciano Tarricone

To compact ring branch-line coupler using nonuniform transmission line
F. Hosseini, M. Khalaj-Amir Hosseini, M. Yazdany

A 57-GHz CMOS VCO with 185.3% tuning-range enhancement using tunable LC source-degeneration
Chuan-Wei Tsou, Chi-Chen Chen, Yo-Sheng Lin

A dual-band split-ring monopole antenna for WLAN applications
Siddik Cumhur Basaran, Yunus E. Erdemli

Slow microwave waveguide made of negative permeability metamaterials
Wentao T. Lu, Savatore Savo, B. Didier F. Casse, Srinivas Sridhar

Metamaterial applications in RFID
A. Toscano, L. Vegni

Design of a quad-band antenna for wireless communication
Seokjin Hong, Kyungho Chung, Jeongpyo Kim, Jaehoon Choi

A compact rectangular dielectric resonator antenna for UWB wireless commun