Molecular Reproduction and Development

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Edited By: Gary M. Wessel

Online ISSN: 1098-2795

Virtual Issue: Reviews and Essays in Molecular Reproduction and Development

The Review and Essay articles published in Molecular Reproduction and Development since 2009 are provided here with free access, as a service to the research community. This virtual issue will be updated periodically, with new articles added to the top of the list. (Updated: April 2016)


Roles and regulation of the matrix metalloproteinase system in parturition
Junnan Geng, Cong Huang and Siwen Jiang

Cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in placental separation in the bovine: A review
N. M. Attupuram, A. Kumaresan, K. Narayanan and H. Kumar

Position-dependent interactions of Y-box protein 2 (YBX2) with mRNA enable mRNA storage in round spermatids by repressing mRNA translation and blocking translation-dependent mRNA decay
Kenneth C. Kleene

Epigenetic imprinting during assisted reproductive technologies: The effect of temporal and cumulative fluctuations in methionine cycling on the DNA methylation statet
Lianne Hoeijmakers, Hermannus Kempe and Pernette J. Verschure

Spermatozoa in the Peak District
Mariana F. Wolfner and Robert Montgomerie

Role of EFNB2/EPHB4 signaling in spiral artery development during pregnancy: An appraisal
Hongmei Dong, Chaoran Yu, Jiao Mu, Ji Zhang and Wei Lin


Developmental robustness in the Caenorhabditis elegans embryo
Morris F. Maduro

Long non-coding RNA regulation of reproduction and development
David H. Taylor, Erin Tsi-Jia Chu, Roman Spektor and Paul D. Soloway

The ART of selecting the best embryo: A review of early embryonic mortality and bovine embryo viability assessment methods
Kayla J. Perkel, Allison Tscherner, Casandra Merrill, Jonathan Lamarre and Pavneesh Madan

Purinergic signaling in the ovary
Angélica S. Martínez-Ramírez and Francisco G. Vázquez-Cuevas

Maternal nutrition influences angiogenesis in the placenta through peroxisome proliferator activated receptors: A novel hypothesis
Akshaya Meher, Deepali Sundrani and Sadhana Joshi

A time of change: Dynamics of chromatin and transcriptional regulation during nuclear programming in early Drosophila development
Ann Boija and Mattias Mannervik

Data management and archiving in a large microscopy-and-imaging, multi-user facility: Problems and solutions
Callen T. Wallace, Claudette M. St. Croix and Simon C. Watkins

Sugar-coated sperm: Unraveling the functions of the mammalian sperm glycocalyx
Eillen Tecle and Pascal Gagneux

A primer on the fundamental principles of light microscopy: Optimizing magnification, resolution, and contrast
Paul C. Goodwin

It's all about the pentiums: The use, manipulation, and storage of digital microscopy imaging data for the biological sciences
Jessica E. Hornick and Edward H. Hinchcliffe

The ImageJ ecosystem: An open platform for biomedical image analysis
Johannes Schindelin, Curtis T. Rueden, Mark C. Hiner and Kevin W. Eliceiri

Three dimensional reconstruction by electron microscopy in the life sciences: An introduction for cell and tissue biologists
Kildare Miranda, Wendell Girard-Dias, Marcia Attias, Wanderley de Souza and Isabela Ramos

Polarized light microscopy in reproductive and developmental biology
Maki Koike-Tani, Tomomi Tani, Shalin B. Mehta, Amitabh Verma and Rudolf Oldenbourg

Retrospective on the development of aequorin and aequorin-based imaging to visualize changes in intracellular free [Ca2+]
Sarah E. Webb, Eric Karplus and Andrew L. Miller

FRAP, FLIM, and FRET: Detection and analysis of cellular dynamics on a molecular scale using fluorescence microscopy
Carla De Los Santos, Ching-Wei Chang, Mary-Ann Mycek and Richard A. Cardullo

Live imaging of nervous system development and function using light-sheet microscopy
William C. Lemon and Philipp J. Keller

Non-hormonal targets underlying endometriosis: A focus on molecular mechanisms
Xiao-hang Che, Yi-chen Chen, Chun-lin Chen, Xiao-lei Ye and Hong Zhu

Behaviors of cavefish offer insight into developmental evolution
Masato Yoshizawa

The ureteric bud epithelium: Morphogenesis and roles in metanephric kidney patterning
Vidya K. Nagalakshmi and Jing Yu

Gonadotropin surge-inhibiting/attenuating factors: A review of current evidence, potential applications, and future directions for research
Mario G. Vega, Shvetha M. Zarek, Medha Bhagwat and James H. Segars


The SCF/c-KIT system in the male: Survival strategies in fertility and cancer
Henrique J. Cardoso, Marília I. Figueira, Sara Correia, Cátia V. Vaz and Sílvia Socorro

How to be at the right place at the right time: The importance of spindle positioning in embryos
Kathleen S. Moorhouse and David R. Burgess

Transport in technicolor: Mapping ATP-binding cassette transporters in sea urchin embryos
Tufan Gökirmak, Lauren E. Shipp, Joseph P. Campanale, Sascha C.T. Nicklisch and Amro Hamdoun

The biology of the germ line in echinoderms
Gary M. Wessel, Lynae Brayboy, Tara Fresques, Eric A. Gustafson, Nathalie Oulhen, Isabela Ramos, Adrian Reich, S. Zachary Swartz, Mamiko Yajima and Vanessa Zazueta

Assisted reproductive technology results: Why are live-birth percentages so low?
Juan J. Tarín, Miguel A. García-Pérez and Antonio Cano

The effect of peri-conception hyperglycaemia and the involvement of the hexosamine biosynthesis pathway in mediating oocyte and embryo developmental competence
Laura A. Frank, Melanie L. Sutton-McDowall, Robert B. Gilchrist and Jeremy G. Thompson

Cytokines in ovarian folliculogenesis, oocyte maturation and luteinisation
Sarah L Field, Tathagata Dasgupta, Michele Cummings and Nicolas M. Orsi

Sperm form and function in the absence of sperm competition
Gerhard van der Horst and Liana Maree

Cytokines in ovarian folliculogenesis, oocyte maturation and luteinisation
Sarah L Field, Tathagata Dasgupta, Michele Cummings and Nicolas M. Orsi

Histone post-translational modifications in preimplantation mouse embryos and their role in nuclear architecture
Nathalie Beaujean

DNA methylation and demethylation: A pathway to gametogenesis and development
Wendy Dean

Epigenetic regulation of genomic imprinting from germ line to preimplantation
William A. MacDonald and Mellissa R.W. Mann

The dynamics of X-chromosome inactivation in mouse development
Yasunao Kamikawa and Mary E. Donohoe

Small RNA regulation of reproductive function
Benjamin J. Hale, Cai-Xia Yang and Jason W. Ross

A current view of the epigenome in mouse primordial germ cells
Yasuhisa Matsui and Kentaro Mochizuki

Epigenetic control of cell fate in mouse blastocysts: The role of covalent histone modifications and chromatin remodeling
Soumen Paul andJason G. Knott

Reshaping the transcriptional frontier: Epigenetics and somatic cell nuclear transfer
Charles R. Long, Mark E. Westhusin and Michael C. Golding

The epigenetics of early development: Inferences from stem cells
Theodore P. Rasmussen


Defining the neighborhoods that escort the oocyte through its early life events and into a functional follicle
Joan S. Jorgensen

Wingless/Wnt signaling in Drosophila: The pattern and the pathway
Amy Bejsovec

Comparative biology of sperm factors and fertilization-induced calcium signals across the animal kingdom
Junaid Kashir, Ryusaku Deguchi, Celine Jones, Kevin Coward and Stephen A. Stricker

Repulsive guidance molecules (RGMs) and neogenin in bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signaling
Chenxi Tian and Jun Liu

Lessons for inductive germline determination
Riyad N.H. Seervai and Gary M. Wessel

Next generation organelles: Structure and role of germ granules in the germline
Ming Gao and Alexey L. Arkov

The diverse functions of germline P-granules in Caenorhabditis elegans
Ekaterina Voronina

Untangling the web: The diverse functions of the PIWI/piRNA pathway
Sneha Ramesh Mani and Celina E. Juliano

Repressive translational control in germ cells
Fangfang Lai and Mary Lou King

Very small embryonic-like cells: Biology and function of these potential endogenous pluripotent stem cells in adult tissues
Susannah H. Kassmer and Diane S. Krause

The egg. The inside story of a cell
Manuela Monti and Carloalberto Redi

Proteomics of human seminal plasma: Identification of biomarker candidates for fertility and infertility and the evolution of technology
Domenico Milardi, Giuseppe Grande, Federica Vincenzoni, Massimo Castagnola and Riccardo Marana

Polyunsaturated fatty acid derived signaling in reproduction and development: Insights from Caenorhabditis elegans and Drosophila melanogaster
Tracy L. Vrablik and Jennifer L. Watts

Identification and function of proteolysis regulators in seminal fluid
Brooke A. LaFlamme and Mariana F. Wolfner

Self-incompatibilty in gamete recognition: Single self-recognizing determinants and multiple, non-self-recognizing ones function in the same individual
Yoshito Harada and Hitoshi Sawada

Deciphering the molecular basis of uterine receptivity
Shuang Zhang, Shuangbo Kong, Jinhua Lu, Qiang Wang, Yongjie Chen, Weixiang Wang, Bingyan Wang and Haibin Wang


Cell volume regulation in mammalian oocytes and preimplantation embryos
Jay M. Baltz and Chenxi Zhou

Calcium signaling in mammalian egg activation and embryo development: The influence of subcellular localization
Yi-Liang Miao and Carmen J. Williams

Regulation of the ovarian reserve by members of the transforming growth factor beta family
Stephanie A. Pangas

A role for the Warburg effect in preimplantation embryo development: Metabolic modification to support rapid cell proliferation
Rebecca L. Krisher and Randall S. Prather

Multilevel regulation of steroid synthesis and metabolism in the bovine placenta
Phuong T.T. Nguyen, Alan J. Conley, Tanya K. Soboleva, Rita S.F. Lee

Arginine methylation of RNA-binding proteins regulates cell function and differentiation
Ernest Blackwell, Stephanie Ceman

Heads or tails? Structural events and molecular mechanisms that promote mammalian sperm acrosomal exocytosis and motility
Mariano G. Buffone, Takashi W. Ijiri, Wenlei Cao, Tanya Merdiushev, Haig K. Aghajanian and George L. Gerton


Genetic modifications of pigs for medicine and agriculture
Jeffrey J. Whyte, Randall S. Prather

The multiple hats of Vasa: Its functions in the germline and in cell cycle progression
Mamiko Yajima, Gary M. Wessel

Ion currents involved in oocyte maturation, fertilization and early developmental stages of the ascidian Ciona intestinalis
Elisabetta Tosti, Alessandra Gallo, and Francesco Silvestre

PLCζ and its role as a trigger of development in vertebrates
Junya Ito, John Parrington, Rafael A. Fissore

Protein tyrosine kinase signaling during oocyte maturation and fertilization
Lynda K. McGinnis, David J. Carroll, William H. Kinsey

Gamete membrane microdomains and their associated molecules in fertilization signaling
A.K.M. Mahbub Hasan, Yasuo Fukami, Ken-ichi Sato

Evolution of the acquisition of fertilization competence and polyspermy blocks during meiotic maturation
Kazuyoshi Chiba

Rat eggs cannot wait: Spontaneous exit from meiotic metaphase-II arrest
Tatiana Chebotareva, Jane Taylor, John J. Mullins, Ian Wilmut

The spatial and mechanical challenges of female meiosis
Janice P. Evans, Douglas N. Robinson

Centrosome dynamics during mammalian oocyte maturation with a focus on meiotic spindle formation
Heide Schatten, Qing-Yuan Sun

Ca2+ signaling during maturation of cumulus–oocyte complex in mammals
F. Silvestre, R. Boni, R.A. Fissore and E. Tosti

Cows are not mice: The role of cyclic AMP, phosphodiesterases, and adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase in the maintenance of meiotic arrest in bovine oocytes
Sylvie Bilodeau-Goeseels

Comparative biology of cAMP-induced germinal vesicle breakdown in marine invertebrate oocytes
Ryusaku Deguchi, Noriyo Takeda, Stephen A. Stricker

A primer on meiotic resumption in starfish oocytes: The proposed signaling pathway triggered by maturation-inducing hormone
Takeo Kishimoto

Heteromorphic sex chromosomes: Navigating meiosis without a homologous partner
Paula M. Checchi and JoAnne Engebrecht

Laboratory on sea urchin fertilization
Victor D. Vacquier

“Know thyself”
Keith A. Sutton and Melissa K. Jungnickel

Does apoptosis hold the key to long-term sperm storage mechanisms in vivo?
William V. Holt

Extrinsic and intrinsic control of germ cell proliferation in Caenorhabditis elegans
Katherine A. Waters and Valerie Reinke

Integral role of GDF-9 and BMP-15 in ovarian function
Fumio Otsuka, Kirsten J. McTavish and Shunichi Shimasaki

Polar bodies—more a lack of understanding than a lack of respect
Samuel Schmerler and Gary M. Wessel


Somatic cell nuclear transfer efficiency: How can it be improved through nuclear remodeling and reprogramming?
Kristin M. Whitworth and Randall S. Prather

The oviduct as a complex mediator of mammalian sperm function and selection>/a>
William V. Holt and Alireza Fazeli

Dynamic roles of ion currents in early development
Elisabetta Tosti

Cell plasticity in homeostasis and regeneration
Brigitte Galliot and Luiza Ghila

Signaling mechanisms in the establishment of plant and fucoid algal polarity
Whitney E. Hable and Peter E. Hart

The physiological acquisition of amoeboid motility in nematode sperm: Is the tail the only thing the sperm lost?
Juan J. Fraire-Zamora and Richard A. Cardullo

Developmental timing of mRNA translation – integration of distinct regulatory elements
Melanie C. MacNicol and Angus M. MacNicol

The equine oocyte: Factors affecting meiotic and developmental competence
Katrin Hinrichs

In vitro derivation of germ cells from embryonic stem cells in mammals
Guang-Bin Zhou, Qing-Gang Meng and Ning Li

Regulation of the G2/M transition in rodent oocytes
Stephen M. Downs

Diverse functions of Hedgehog signaling in formation and physiology of steroidogenic organs
Chen-Che Jeff Huang, Humphrey Hung-Chang Yao

Dynamic interactions between cells and their extracellular matrix mediate embryonic development
Michelle F. Goody, Clarissa A. Henry

Lessons from biodiversity - the value of nontraditional species to advance reproductive science, conservation, and human health
David E. Wildt, Pierre Comizzoli, Budhan Pukazhenthi, Nucharin Songsasen

Regional development of uterine decidualization: Molecular signaling by Hoxa-10
Sanjoy K. Das

Representing ontogeny through ontology: A developmental biologist's guide to the gene ontology
David P. Hill, Tanya Z. Berardini, Douglas G. Howe, Kimberly M. Van Auken

Vertebrate maternal-effect genes: Insights into fertilization, early cleavage divisions, and germ cell determinant localization from studies in the zebrafish
Robin E. Lindeman, Francisco Pelegri

Genetic modification of pigs as organ donors for xenotransplantation
Nikolai Klymiuk , Bernhard Aigner , Gottfried Brem , Eckhard Wolf

The "switching on" of mammalian spermatozoa: Molecular events involved in promotion and regulation of capacitation
Lynn R. Fraser

DNA methylation in early development
Theresa M. Geiman, Kathrin Muegge

Involvement of the PKC family in regulation of early development
Madhavi Kalive, James J. Faust, Brian A. Koeneman, David G. Capco

The dynamic landscape of the cell nucleus
Christopher M. Austin, Michel Bellini

The molecular machinery of germ line specification
Ben Ewen-Campen, Evelyn E. Schwager, Cassandra G.M. Extavour


Diverse functions of HBEGF during pregnancy
Philip Jessmon, Richard E. Leach, D. Randall Armant

Establishment of trophectoderm and inner cell mass lineages in the mouse embryo
Yusuke Marikawa, Vernadeth B. Alarcón

Implications of epigenetics and genomic imprinting in assisted reproductive technologies
Shari L. Laprise

E.E. Just's "independent irritability" revisited: The activated egg as excitable soft matter
Stuart A. Newman

Comparative analysis of neurulation: First impressions do not count
Michael J. Harrington, Elim Hong, Rachel Brewster

Cell surface changes in the egg at fertilization
Gary M. Wessel, Julian L. Wong

Zona pellucida glycoprotein ZP3 and fertilization in mammals
Eveline S. Litscher, Zev Williams, Paul M. Wassarman

Teachings from the egg: New and unexpected functions of RNAs
Malgorzata Kloc

Ernest Everett Just, Johannes Holtfreter, and the origin of certain concepts in embryo morphogenesis
W. Malcolm Byrnes

"Just" in time: Gene theory and the biology of the cell surface
Jan Sapp

Reflections on E. E. Just, Black Apollo of Science, and the experiences of African American scientists
Kenneth R. Manning