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Cover Picture

10/2002The cover picture shows the [2×2] grid, [Cu14(2+2)2)4+, of four copper(i) ions and two (2+2) Schiff-base macrocycles, which self-assembles when copper(i) ions are used to template the reaction of 3,6-diformylpyridazine with 1,3-diaminopropane. In each case the two parallel strands of the [2×2] grid are linked together in a single (2+2) Schiff-base macrocycle, and the two macrocycles approach each other at right angles to give rise to the perpendicular strands of the grid structure. Thus, the copper (i) ions have distorted tetrahedral geometries, with each macrocycle providing a bidentate donor set at right angles to that supplied by the other macrocycle Details are discussed in the Microreview by S. Brooker on p. 2535 ff. The cover image was generated by M. Crawford (University of Otago) with Strata Studio Pro (Strata).