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2003_04/2003The cover picture shows the X-ray crystal structure of the complex [IrCl(Pigiphos)], where Pigiphos is a unique chiral tridentate ligand containing two ferrocenyl units. Enantiomerically pure triphosphanes are still quite rare and Pigiphos is particularly attractive because of its simple synthesis − one step from commercially available precursors. The study of the coordination chemistry of Pigiphos has shown that it can accomodate metal ions in essentially perfect square-planar geometries (NiII, PdII, PhI). In case of an ocatahedral coordination sphere it can adopt both a facial or an equatorial configuration (RuII). However, the present [IrCl(Pigiphos)] complex displays a severe deviation from the expected square-planar geometry and shows a dynamic behavior in solution. Synthesis, characterization, and reactivity of this and other Pigiphos complexes of Ir and Rh are presented in the article by P. Barbaro, A. Togni et al. on p. 601 ff.

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