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Cover Picture: Synthesis and Structural Studies of Rhenium(v) Complexes Stabilized by a Monoanionic Cyclen Ligand (Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2/2004)

2004_02/2004The cover picture shows the structure of the cation [ReO(cyclen-H)I]+. This complex and the analogous [ReO(cyclen-H)Cl]+ are the first examples of d transition metal oxo complexes anchored by a monoanionic cyclen ligand. The deprotonation of cyclen can be accounted by the enhanced Lewis acidity of the d2 rhenium center. Although the geometric contraints of cis-octahedral cyclen could impose the cis-ReO2 unit, the resulting cis-dioxo complex, cis-[ReO2(cyclen)]+, is very reactive, being readily converted into [ReO(cyclen-H)X]+. Details are discussed in the article by I. Santos et al. on p. 243 ff.

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