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Cover Picture: Extending The Reaction Landscape of the {Pt(μ-S)2Pt} Core: From Metal Centers to Non-Metallic Electrophiles (Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 18/2004)

2004_18/2004The cover picture shows a butterfly mimicking the main features of compounds [L2Pt(ν-S)2PtL2] (L2 = phosphane). Its flight simulates the flexibility of the {Pt(ν-S)2Pt} core about the S−S axis; its body represents the strongly nucleophilic sulfide ligands and the wings the {PtL2} fragments. Exploration of the reactivity of the butterfly compounds has revealed an exceptionally rich and diverse chemistry. Details are discussed in the Microreview by P. GonzaÂlez-Duarte et al. on p. 3585 ff., who acknowledge Victor Sarto i Monteys for the butterfly picture (V. S. i M. holds the copyright).

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