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Structural Relationships in High-Nuclearity Heterobimetallic Bismuth-Oxo Clusters (Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 24/2005)

2005_24/2005The cover picture shows three heterobimetallic sodium-bismuth-oxo silanolates: [Bi10Na5O7(OH)6(OSiMe3)15] (2), [Bi15-Na3O18(OSiMe3)12] (3) and [Bi14Na8O18(OSiMe3)14(thf)4] (4). These novel polynuclear metal-oxo clusters were obtained in addition to the hexanuclear oxygen-centred complex [Bi2Na4O(OSiMe3)8] (1), which represents a well-known structural motif found in several heterometallic group 15/group 1 compounds. As result of the similar ionic radii of sodium and bismuth and the flexible coordination chemistry of these main group metals, the formation of a large variety of heterobimetallic molecular structures is conceivable. Structural relationships between the metal-oxo silanolates are described and a comparison with other polynuclear bismuth-oxo compounds is given in order to identify basic building blocks. The approach is envisaged to develop rational design strategies towards molecular bismuth-containing precursors for heterometallic materials. Details are discussed in the article by M. Mehring et al. on p. 4891 ff.

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