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2006_08/2006Supramolecular Assemblies with Honeycomb Structures by π-π Stacking of Octahedral Metal Complexes of 1,12-Diazaperylene (Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 8/2006)

The cover picture shows the honeycomb structure formed by π-π stacking of homoleptic octahedral NiII complexes of the “large-surface” ligand 1,12-diazaperylene (dap), [Ni(dap)3](BF4)2 (Ni red, N green, C dark yellow, B blue, F light yellow). The [Ni(dap)3]2+ cation and one of the BF4 counterions form parallel nanosized channels (ca. 9.60 A° in diameter), which run along the crystallographic c axis and are filled with the other disordered BF4 counterion (omitted for clarity). The C3 symmetry of [Ni(dap)3]2+ is a prerequisite for forming the highly symmetrical supramolecular assembly. Details are discussed in the article by H.-J. Holdt et al. on p. 1547 ff.

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