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2006_14/2006Zinc Complexes of Amine Mono(phenolate) [NOO2] Ligands: Controlling Coordination Modes by Bulk of Phenolate Substituents (Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 14/2006)

The cover picture shows the two types of complexes formed by the reaction of diethylzinc and tripodal monoanionic amine mono(phenolate) ligand precursors bearing two methoxy sidearm donors. The ligand precursor bearing bulky (tBu) phenolate substituents leads cleanly to a mono(ethyl) mononuclear zinc complex in which the two methoxy sidearm donors are bound to the metal atom as confirmed by spectroscopic data and X-ray structure analysis. The ligand precursors bearing less bulky phenolate substituents lead cleanly to dinuclear pentacoordinate complexes that are bridged by phenolate oxygen atoms, and only one of the two sidearm donors is bound. Details are discussed in the article by M. Kol et al. on p. 2739 ff.

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