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2006_18/2006On the Fate of Vanadate in Human Blood (Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 18/2006)

The cover picture shows a symbolic representation of the fate of vanadate in human blood. Since the transition metal vanadium is named after Vanadis, the Nordic goddess of beauty, she is represented by the famous Venus de Milo sculpted in metal. Her cloth is decorated with the functional groups of the ligands that can form a complex (“dress”) with the metal while travelling in the blood vessels, the latter being symbolised by the caverns in the background. The water in the caves represents the aqueous solutions in which speciation studies have been carried out in the group of Professor Lage Pettersson. Further references to these studies are found as cave paintings on the walls: a distribution diagram and a set of 51V NMR spectra. The studies have been carried out in the framework of the COST D21/009 working group. The geographical locations of the research groups within this working group are shown by illuminated dots on the map of Europe in the background. The goal of the studies was to better understand the ability of vanadium to lower blood glucose levels (represented by the sugar cubes washed ashore on the left) and thus its potential as an orally applicable drug against diabetes. A Microreview, covering the results of the above mentioned speciation studies dealing with the fate of vanadate in human blood, is represented by A. Gorzsás, I. Andersson, and L. Pettersson on p. 3559 ff. The digital artwork for this cover was created by András Gorzsás.

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