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2006_22/2006A General and Facile One-Step Synthesis of Imido–Titanium(IV) Complexes: Application to the Synthesis of Compounds Containing Functionalized or Chiral Imido Ligands and Bimetallic Diimido Architectures (Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 22/2006)

The cover picture shows some various examples ofterminal imido–titanium complexes of the general formula Ti(=NR)Cl2(NHMe2)2 that are accessible through the reported one-pot reaction of Ti(NMe2)4 with a primary amine RNH2 in the presence of excess chlorotrimethylsilane. This procedure appears to be general to the generation of a wide range of imido groups: alkyl-, silyl-, and arylimido groups, as well as functional organoimido, chiral imido, and diimido ligands. Ti(=NR)Cl2(NHMe2)2 complexes are of particular interest as organometallic synthons and for further applications in the field of homogeneous catalysis and materials science. The background photo of the famous palm tree vault of the Jacobins church (Toulouse, France, founded in the 13th–14th centuries) symbolizes the diversity of the compounds – arranged in arc around the palm tree vault – that can be prepared by using our promising synthetic strategy, and provides a solid foundation – the pillar – for attractive applications. Details are discussed in the article by C. Lorber et al. on p. 4503 ff. The authors acknowledge Christian Bergounhou (LCC Toulouse) for the Palm Tree photograph.

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