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2007_02/2007A Water Pipe Held Up by a Polyoxometalate Supported Transition Metal Complex: Synthesis and Characterization of [Cu2(phen)2(CH3COO)(CH3COOH)(H2O)2][Al(OH)6Mo6O18]·28H2O (Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2/2007)

The cover picture shows a water pipe (wire-frame representation in blue), constructed solely from solvent water molecules that are present in the crytal lattice of an organic–inorganic hybrid compound [Cu2(phen)2(CH3COO)(CH3COOH)(H2O)2][Al(OH)6Mo6O18]·28H2O. The supramolecular interactions of the water pipe with its surrounding (that includes a heteropolyanion, [Al(OH)6Mo6O18]–3, shown as red polyhedra and a copper dimeric complex, shown as magenta ball-and-stick models) stabilise the compound so that it can be observed crystallographically. The background depicts the unit-cell packing of the water pipes in the relevant crystal. Details are described in the Short Communication by S. K. Das et al. on p. 231 ff. The artwork was designed by Ms. Sabbani Supriya.

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