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2007_18b/2007Synthesis and Reactions of Polynuclear Polyhydrido Rare Earth Metal Complexes Containing “(C5Me4SiMe3)LnH2” Units: A New Frontier in Rare Earth Metal Hydride Chemistry

The back cover picture shows the Ln4H8 core structure of the tetranuclear, rare earth metal, octahydride complexes [(C5Me4SiMe3)4Ln4H8(THF)n] (Ln = Sc, Y, Gd, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Lu; n = 0, 1, or 2). These hydride clusters exhibit extremely high and unique reactivity towards a variety of unsaturated substrates, which leads to the formation of a new family of polynuclear compounds. Details are discussed in the article by Z. Hou et al. on p. 2535 ff.

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