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2007_20/2007Redox-Induced μ-Acetato and μ-Oxo Core Interconversions in Dinuclear Manganese Tris(2-methylpyridyl)amine (tpa) Complexes: Isolation and Characterization of [Mn2III(μ-O)(μ-O2CCH3)(tpa)2]3+ (Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 20/2007)

The cover picture shows the electro-induced core interconversions in three dinuclear manganese tris(2-methylpyridyl)amine (tpa) complexes. The mono-(μ-oxo) mono-(μ-acetato) [Mn2III,III(O)(O2CCH3)(tpa)2]3+ and the bis-(μ-oxo) [Mn2IV,IV(O)2(tpa)2]4+ complexes are selectively and quasi-quantitatively generated by sequential exhaustive electrochemical two-electron oxidations of the bis-(μ-acetato) [Mn2II,II(O2CCH3)2(tpa)2]2+ complex. At each step one acetato bridge is substituted by an oxo bridge coming from the deprotonation of one residual water molecule in the solvent. The background picture shows some cyclic voltammograms recorded during this study. Details are discussed in the article by M.-N. Collomb et al. on p. 3179 ff. We thank Dr. Damien Jouvenot for the design of the cover picture.

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