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2008_12/2008Electron-Sponge Behavior, Reactivity and Electronic Structures of Cobalt-Centered Cubic Co9Te6(CO)8 Clusters (Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 12/2008)

The cover picture shows an organometallic electron sponge and an elephant-ear sponge in the background (photo by F. and J. Burek, National Marine Sanctuaries). The electronic flexibility of the cobalt-centered cubic [Co9Te6(CO)8]n cluster ([3]n) in the central circle is expressed by differently charged states (n = 1+ to 5–). Starting from the upper left corner of our graphic in a clockwise direction, neutral [Co9Te6(CO)4(PPh3)4], structurally diverse networks of [Ph3PNPPh3][3] and [Ph3PNPPh3]2[3] salts and the core of the [Co9Te35-Cp'2Nb(CO)Te}3(CO)8] cluster as a pseudo-protonated representative of the [3]3– anion are shown. Details of the structural, electrochemical and theoretical properties of these compounds are described in the article by J. Wachter et al. on page 1959 ff.

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