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2008_27/2008Syntheses, Structures and Reactivities of [CpTc(CO)3X]+ and [CpRe(CO)3X]+ (Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 27/2008)

The cover picture shows new aspects of [Cp*Re(CO)3Br]+ and [Cp*Tc(CO)3Br]+ chemistry. High-yield preparation of these basic complexes (especially for 999Tc) enabled a comparative exploration of the respective chemistries in water and organic solvents. The Lewis acidic ReIII and TcIII centres activate the CO ligands for directed substitutions and nucleophilic attack. The reaction with CH3OH gave a methyl formate complex which reduced to [Cp*M(CO)3] under acidic conditions. IR spectroscopy and kinetic studies with 13C-labelled formate revealed the source for CO in [Cp*Re(CO)3]. Shown are the different colours of homologous Re and Tc complexes against a background of the Zurich lake area. The reactivity of the title compounds with alcohols implies potential for targeted inorganic medicinal chemistry if the OH group is pendent to a (radio)pharmaceutical. Details are discussed in the article by R. Alberto et al. on p. 4205 ff. We thank Dr. F. Wild for designing this picture.

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