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2009_08/2009Microwave-Assisted Organometallic Syntheses: Formation of Dinuclear [(Arene)Ru(μ-Cl)3RuCl(L–L')] Complexes (L–L': Chelate Ligands with P-, N-, or S-Donor Atoms) by Displacement of Arene π Ligands (Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 8/2009)

The cover picture shows the molecular structure of a dinuclear ruthenium complex, which was obtained by an arene displacement reaction in a microwave oven. Although microwave heating has been used extensively in organic synthesis, there are relatively few reports about its application in preparative organometallic chemistry. On p. 1003 ff, K. Severin et al. describe that [(arene)Ru(μ-Cl)3RuCl(L?L')] complexes with a diverse set of chelate ligands L?L' are easily accessible by microwave heating. It should be mentioned, though, that the instrument used for their experiments was slightly more sophisticated than the one shown on the cover.

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