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2009_21/2009Cyclometallated [C,N,O] Complexes as Metalloligands: Synthesis and Structural Characterisation of New Di-, Tri-, Tetra- and Pentanuclear Heterometallic Complexes (Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 21/2009)

The cover picture shows (left) the new heteropentametallic [{Pd[4-[W(CO)5WNC5H4]C6H3C(H)=N{2'-(O)-5'-tBuC6H3}]}2(μ-PPh25-C5H4)Fe(η5-C5H4)PPh2)] and heterodimetallic [Pd{4-[RuCl2(CO)(PPh3)I2]NC5H3]C(H)=N[2'-(O)-5'-tBuC6H3]}(PPh3)] cyclometallated complexes synthesized from [C,N,O] palladacycles, which behave as metalloligands by coordination through the pyridine nitrogen atom. The crystal structure (right) shows the precursor for the tungsten complex, which like its chromium and molybdenum analogues, requires UV radiation in the preparative process. Details are discussed in the article by J. J. Fernández, J. M. Vila et al. on p. 3071 ff.

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