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2009_31/2009Si94– Anions in Solution – Structures of the Solvates Rb4Si9·4.75NH3 and [Rb(18-crown-6)]Rb3Si9·4NH3, and Chemical Bonding in Si94– (Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 31/2009)

The cover picture shows significant parts of the crystal structures of Rb(18-crown-6)Rb3Si9·4NH3 and Rb4Si9·4.75NH3. On the left, the coordination sphere of the nonasilicide anion in the 18-crown-6-containing compound is shown. The second structural part shows the Rb-ammonia-nonasilicide strands found in the crystal structure of Rb4Si9·4.75NH3. The existence of these thermally labile ammoniates demonstrates that it is possible to extract Si94– anions from a ternary solid-state material into a liquid ammonia solution without further oxidation. This opens the door to chemical transformations of bare electron-rich silicon clusters. The ELF picture on the left shows that no evidence for three-center, two-electron bonding can be found, although the Wade–Mingos–Williams rules obviously apply for the prediction of the molecular shape of the anions. Details are discussed in the article by N. Korber et al. on p. 4641 ff.

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