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2010_05/2010Formation of Oxaphosphacarbenes by Reaction of [RuTpCl(PPh3)(thp)] with Terminal Alkynes and a Propargylic Alcohol (Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 5/2010)

The cover picture shows the structure of a five-membered cyclic ruthenium oxaphosphacarbene complex [TpRuCl{κ2-(C,P)=C(CH2R)OCH2P(CH2OH)2}] (R = p-C6H4Me). Different neutral and cationic oxaphosphacarbene complexes were obtained by reaction of [TpRuCl(PPh3)(thp)] with terminal alkynes. The proposed mechanism implies vinylidene or allenylidene intermediates that undergo intramolecular nucleophilic addition to the α-carbon atom by one of the hydroxymethyl groups of the thp ligand. Details are discussed in the article by S. Bolan˜o, J. Bravo et al. on p. 685 ff. We thank Dr. Carlos Silva for help in designing this picture.

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