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2010_22/2010Synthesis, Structural, Redox and Mössbauer Characterization of Four-Electron-Oxidized Tetrakis(cyclohexyl)iron(II)porphodimethene with Different Axial Ligations (Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 22/2010)

The cover picture shows induced electron-transfer reactions with I2 or Br2 as external oxidant, FeIII as internal oxidant, and coordinated porphyrinogen as internal reductant. As a result of this simultaneous metal- and ligand-based redox reaction, the square-planar iron(III) complex is transformed to a square-pyramidal iron(II) complex, and the tetraanionic porphyrinogen ligand is oxidized to the neutral porphodimethene. The iron(III/II) redox potential of porphodimethene complexes are more positive than that of the heme cofactor. The large quadruple splitting with large isomeric shift indicates a high-spin state (S = 2) for the [LΔΔFeII–I]+ cation. Details are discussed in the article by S. Sarkar et al. on p. 3429 ff.

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