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2010_34/2010A Novel N(3),N(4)-Bridging Coordination Mode of 1-R-Tetrazole-5-thiolates – Synthesis, X-ray Diffraction, Magnetic Properties and Quantum-Chemical Study of a Macrocyclic Dinickel Complex Coligated by 1-Methyltetrazole-5-thiolate (Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 34/2010)

The cover picture shows a schematic representation of the procedure used for the determination of the magnetic properties of the macrocyclic dinickel complex [Ni2L(μ-SCN4Me)]BPh4·2MeCN. On the left, the complex is depicted in the form of its two nickel atoms, their first coordination sphere and the 1-methyltetrazole-5-thiolate coligand as obtained from the crystal structure determination. The found N(3),N(4)-bridging coordination mode is hitherto unknown for 1-R-tetrazole-5-thiolates. In addition, theoretical calculations were carried out in order to study the coordination features of the complex. Details are discussed in the article by S. V. Voitekhovich, B. Kersting et al. on p. 5387 f. The authors gratefully acknowledge the DAAD (Leonard-Euler program) and the Erasmus Mundus program “Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry”. Supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft within the Graduate School BuildMoNa.

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