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2011_21/2011Visible-Light Harvesting with Cyclometalated Iridium(III) Complexes Having Long-Lived 3IL Excited States and Their Application in Triplet–Triplet-Annihilation Based Upconversion (Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 21/2011)

The cover picture shows the triplet-triplet-annihilation (TTA) upconversion between a visible-light harvesting IrIII complex and 9,10-diphenylanthracene (DPA). In the upper left-hand corner is the qualitative Jablonski diagram describing the photophysical process involved in the TTA upconversion. Although the coumarin-containing IrIII complexes are weakly phosphorescent, we proved that the long-lived 3IL excited state was populated upon photoexcitation by using time-resolved transient absorption spectroscopy, emission spectroscopy at 77 K, and DFT calculations. The complexes were used as triplet sensitizers for TTA upconversion, and an upconversion quantum yield of up to 23.4 ° was observed. Thus, we propose that the T1 excited state of the triplet sensitizers does not necessarily have to be emissive. Details are discussed in the article by J. Zhao et al. on p. 3165 ff. The cover art was produced by Dr. Xin Liu (Dalian University of Technology).

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