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2011_27/2011Decorating the Second Coordination Sphere in Pyrazolate-Based Dinickel(II) Complexes with H-Bond Donors (Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 27/2011)

The cover picture shows (i) a Helicobacter pylori that produces large amounts of the enzyme urease to survive in the acidic human stomach, (ii) the urease active site, and (iii) a bioinspired bimetallic complex that features second-shell hydrogen bonding akin to the situation in the metalloenzyme. The article by F. Meyer et al. on p. 4161 ff reports the synthesis of an elaborate new ligand scaffold that is decorated with peripheral groups for H-bonding interactions and its speciation with nickel(II) in solution. The crystallographic structure of a dinickel(II) complex reveals a bridging HO···H···OH unit in the bimetallic cavity, which is involved in an extensive network of hydrogen bonds. Such systems might become useful for studying effects of the secondary coordination sphere in biomimetic substrate transformations.

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