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2012_12/2012Lanthanide Loaded Zeolites, Clays, and Mesoporous Silica Materials as MRI ProbesNew Bisaqua Picolinate-Based Gadolinium Complexes as MRI Contrast Agents with Substantial High-Field RelaxivitiesSupramolecular Adducts of Negatively Charged Lanthanide(III) DOTP Chelates and Cyclodextrins Functionalized with Ammonium Groups: Mass Spectrometry and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies (Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 12/2012)

The front cover picture shows gives an impression on the breadth of coverage of this Cluster Issue on Metal-Based Magnetic Resonance Imaging Probes. Superimposed on an angiographic MRI image are the zeolite cages for Gd3+ and the mode of action of this probe from the review by J. A. Peters and K. Djanashvili (top) and a depiction of the principle of magnetoluminescent contrast agents for dual MRI and luminescence imaging (V. C. Pierre et al., bottom right). Representative of papers on different approaches to optimize the efficacy of contrast agents are the PARACEST properties of the large Tm-DOTP–cyclodextrin complex of C. F. G. C. Geraldes et al. (bottom left) and the high relaxivity associated with two bis(aqua) complexes of M. Mazzanti et al. (center left). We thank the authors for making their graphics available for use on the cover and Dr. Giorgio Gatti for the time-consuming creation of this attractive picture.

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